How to Bump Up Your Star Rating on Your Hotel

The highest-rated hotels never earn the stars accidentally. Hotels must be very intentional about their customer service, amenities, and other offerings to garner the top reviews and ratings that the most noteworthy hotels enjoy. By giving guests an exceptional experience and quality services, hotels will be able to garner the highest ratings. Read on for four useful hints hotels can use to boost their ratings.

Hotel room - How to Bump Up Your Star Rating on Your Hotel

Get Higher-Quality Mattresses

There are many details and amenities that guests look for when staying in top-rated hotels, but one detail that is a game-changer is the mattress. According to 92% of people, comfortable mattresses are a must. If guests can’t get a good night’s rest, it will be difficult to enjoy the rest of their stay. Hotels should always invest in high-quality mattresses that give their guests the support and comfort they need to rest properly. Read More

How to Ensure Your Executive Team is Up to Your Standards

As the owner or CEO of a business, you need a quality team of executives who will support you and help your company become a success. It can be difficult to choose whom to hire, however, and even more challenging to develop existing executives to your standards. Doing so is far from impossible—here are some effective ways to do it.

Executive Team - How to Ensure Your Executive Team is Up to Your Standards

Look for Prior Experience

This step is especially important for new entrepreneurs who will need all the help they can get to ensure their new business venture will be successful. For example, look for a candidate with prior experience handling financials for startups when looking to hire a CFO for your startup. Your executives’ experience should make up for your lack of experience in the areas where you are weakest. Read More

4 Tips When Exporting Business to New Markets

Not every business owner is satisfied with the success they have now. If that was the case, Apple may have never evolved beyond a business ran out of a garage. Most ambitious entrepreneurs wish to expand their companies exponentially. Eventually, this means moving beyond your own country and exporting your products to the rest of the world. Doing so requires a lot of research and strategy. It’s not something you should take on haphazardly.

Cargo Ship - 4 Tips When Exporting Business to New Markets

Labeling Approval

One thing that you may not give the most thought to is the labels you use for your products. However, the labels you choose to use for products exported internationally can be a big deal. In certain cases, if your label does not include the right kind of information and warnings, your product can be blocked for sale. This is the case, for example, for movies sold in the United Kingdom as well many different countries. Read More