Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London’s Property Market?

Your next home could be an energy-efficient micro-apartment. With the desirability of mobile tiny homes and the fact that the UK already has some of the smallest homes in Europe, this new trend could go some way to solving the housing crisis with smaller, more affordable homes.

City of London - Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London's Property Market?

One thing seems certain – smaller properties and property inventory software will make landlords’ jobs easier in the future. The micro-housing trend has already taken off in San Francisco, which suffers a similar affordable housing problem to London. Read More

Is It Time For A Change

Armed with your day passes for London gyms, you’re about to repeat your routine. You may attend the gym 3 or more times per week, and since you’ve started, you’ve already taken the hardest step – walking through the doors for the very first time. But now you may be thinking is this it, is there anything more you could be doing? Perhaps your gains have reduced, or you’re getting a little bored of repeating the same workout time after time. Nothing kills results quicker than boredom, except perhaps injury. However, always doing the same routine means that the chance of injury is increased too as the body needs time to rest.

Exercise Gym - Is It Time For A Change

The gym isn’t a bad place and you shouldn’t worry though. If you act now you’ll be able to carry on with a new found commitment and better still, you’ll see some positive gains. The act needed that’s needed? Well that’s simple, you need a change. Your gym routine is tired, repetitive and you have been doing it for too long. Your body will have got used to it and now can cruise through a session without really trying – hence the gains have dropped off. Here we offer help and guidance to assist you in identifying and then solving your problem. It’s time to turn over a new page… Read More