3 Easy Steps to Keep your Car Wash Cleaning Properly

Running a car wash is often described as a simple process, some even going so far as to call it a “turnkey operation” at times. This is far from the truth, though, as anyone who runs a reputable business can tell you. Even self-service washes require a level of involvement that will keep you from simply napping through shifts in the office. One of these duties you’ll be expected to perform is maintenance relating to your car wash. While obvious things like repairs usually stick out, less obvious aspects exist that are worth being reminded of. Here are three easy steps you can take to keep your car wash cleaning properly.

Car wash - 3 Easy Steps to Keep your Car Wash Cleaning Properly

1. Water Pressure

What good is a shower if the water only comes out as a trickle? It’s no different for cars, which is why regular water pressure checks and adjustments need to be made in your car wash. It’s not uncommon for hoses to lose pressure as they’re used over time, so you’ll likely need to do this a few times a year for good measure.

2. Cleaning

It might seem odd you’ll need to clean something that constantly cleans other things, but basic car wash maintenance often means cleaning out the different areas of the car wash. Whether it’s rinsing soap residue from the ground, scrubbing hose nozzles, or giving scrubbers a good scrubbing of their own, all these areas of the facility can quickly build up debris from washing off cars. To keep your operation efficient and sanitary, you’ll have to make sure vehicles aren’t the only thing being washed.

3. Setting Timers

Properly calibrating the timers on things is an important part of an efficient car wash, especially in the realm of self-service. If someone pays for a minute’s worth of water, they should be getting that amount. Through no fault of your own, it can be easy for pumps to start to drift by a second or two as time goes on, so remember to check this often.

So long as you can remember these three car wash maintenance tips, you should have a happy and healthy business with plenty of customers.

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