3 Features a BPO Should Have

Outsourcing services providers have become a major player in their own industry because of the drive they are bringing to the economy. Today, there are a lot of people aspiring to be a call centre agent because of the benefits they are bound to get from this respective job title.


However, the obligation of these service providers should not stop with their employees but should go to their clients and their customers as well. It is important for BPOs (business process outsourcing) everywhere to be able to cater and answer the demands of those who are in need of their services.

A competitive BPO must be able to provide these three features:

1. Customer Security

A successful service provider needs to apply a policy that will ensure the security of all of their systems. They have to make sure that these systems are properly protected against unsanctioned access that may compromise the confidentiality of their data.

This policy must cover the security of the network, desktop, applications, data, voice, and physical information relating to clients. Moreover, it needs to achieve a global standard that customers can rely on.

Security should then be made as a continuous process in which their framework must incorporate a systematic template that has been crafted from a security calendar. This calendar is essential in order to audit surveys being done by external and internal auditors.

Clients should then be informed about these audit reports to keep them updated about such important matters.

2. Safeguarding Customers’ Confidentiality

BPO companies provide services like customer acquisition and customer retention for global companies in the financial and banking sectors, telecoms, utilities, and media industries. This means that they process private data such as loan information, social security details, and credit card numbers to name a few; it is a given fact that customers should be able to trust them when providing this kind of information.

Furthermore, they should not easily place this sort of data just about anywhere that may be accessed by others. They should have a different database where it is safe to store all of the sensitive info they have on their customers.

Therefore, it is only natural for these corporations to have a security that works full time and is dedicated to the tasks of scanning the horizon, monitoring hacker sites, analysing and collecting intelligence as well as taking preventive actions against such risks.

3. 24/7 Availability to Customers

Customers or clients can end up calling to ask for assistance during any part of the day when the need arises and so it is essential for service companies to stay available throughout the entire day.

However, there will be challenges that they may face that could hinder them from providing this specific service which is why it is integral for them to have a business strategy with continuity plans for situations such as a power blackout.

They should be able to maintain power by having a backup generator that will enable them to continue working and serving clienteles that are calling about a specific subject matter.

BPOs are able to succeed in the industry by providing these features that most customers are looking for.


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