4 Great Tools for High-skill Industry Recruiters

Recruiters need the proper tools to help them ensure that the potential hires they seek have the right skills for the job. There are several ways a savvy recruiter can use online resources to take some of the guesswork out of the recruiting process for high-level industries. We will show you four of those tools here.

Check Online Forum - 4 Great Tools for High-skill Industry Recruiters

Check Online Forums

Online forums are everywhere these days, and a recruiter can find a forum dedicated to just about any subject or profession out there. These forums can be a great resource for finding potential hires for highly skilled industry jobs. Many professionals visit forums related to their jobs to share information and pick up tips. Recruiters can use them to find candidate’s that might be in the same geographical area. It’s also a great tool to get to know a bit more about particular candidates and decide if they are a good fit.

Use a License Validation Service

Various online services can help you with things like HCP address validation. Address validation can help a recruiter check the viability of any licenses a company or professional might hold and that they need in order to operate legally. In addition, a recruiter can use healthcare address validation to make sure any information they send out is going to the correct physical address. License validation is one way a recruiter can perform integrated checks in a simple, streamlined way.

Track Hires Using Sites

Recruiting can be both expensive and laborious, but it doesn’t have to be if one is using the right tools. Sourcing is the first part of any recruitment job. Having access to job sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed are some of the easiest ways a recruiter might perform the sourcing part of the job. Social media sites can also be a great way to look for candidates with the right experience levels.

Test for Skills

Some recruiters want to be able to test potential hires once they’ve sourced them to see if they can do the job. Codility or OneTest are just a couple of the ways a recruiter can use videos, surveys, and the latest in AI technology to see how a job seeker measures up to the task at hand. This can save the recruiter time and effort down the road.

It can take skill and experience to sort out the potential candidates for a given job in a high-level position. However, some of the tools we’ve listed here like HCP address validation and online forums can cut down on the time it takes to find a good fit for a company. Recruiters can also use these resources to double-check the suitability of the people they want to recommend.

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