4 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Project Manager for Your Company

Part of watching your business expand is having the right staff by your side. As your staff members continue to grow, you’re going to need to hire a project manager. This way, you can ensure that all your company projects are getting done on-time and in a smooth manner. Here are four questions you should be asking any potential candidates before hiring them for your project manager position.

Team Members - 4 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Project Manager for Your Company

Have You Managed Projects in Our Industry Before?

While being a project manager is mainly about putting the pieces of the puzzle together to formulate a result, knowing the industry is a must. Otherwise, the project manager will likely not be effective at making the process efficient. You want to hire a project manager that is familiar with the basics of your industry. This way, they know how processes go and in what order specific parts need to be completed.

Do You Prefer Software Communication Or In-Person Visits?

All project managers operate a little differently from the next. Some work better by having software programs installed where they can track each employee throughout the week to see where they are with each project. Others prefer a more in-person experience where they’ll visit employees throughout the week to get progress reports. Understanding how a project manager prefers to operate can help you to determine if they would make a good fit for your business. If your employees are more traditional with in-person communication, hiring a project manager who mainly works with digital software updates isn’t going to be effective.

How Do You Approach Underperforming Team Members?

It’s no surprise to any business owner that team collaboration is the key to producing your company’s best work. Your project manager should be at the helm of your collaboration to make your business shine. Part of their job is to identify when there are weaknesses in the production chain and be able to properly address them effectively. By asking this question, you can determine whether or not the project manager will take a hands-on approach to move the project forward or will just simply report inadequate performance to a superior.

Describe A Past Project Roadblock and How You Overcame It

We all know that projects don’t always go according to plan. That’s why there are managers there to develop a quick solution to get the project back on track. By having a potential hire explain to you a past roadblock in a project and how they were able to use their abilities to overcome it, is a great way to determine how creative they are at difficult situations.

Hiring a project manager for your business is a task you’re going to face at one time or another. The above four questions are a great start to get you on the way to finding a great project manager who will improve your team collaboration. Remember that you want someone who will be able to mesh with your existing team and continue to make progress to expand your business.

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