4 Reasons Top Recruits Pass Over Your Job Offer

After the interview, you felt confident in hiring a select group of candidates. These individuals exuded the qualities that you want in employees, and they seemed eager about the job. However, after offering the positions to them, your offers were declined. Learning why these rejections came into fruition can help you craft a better situation next time.

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Scheduling Issues

In your job postings, whether online or delivered through paper advertisements, you must indicate what hours the position requires. If candidates are looking for hours during the typical Monday through Friday workweek and discover that you’re requesting them to work on evenings, weekends or holidays, they are likely to turn down the position. Also, during the interview, they might learn that they are required to travel, and some people simply cannot do so due to other responsibilities.

Poor Package

The position itself might be enticing, and the hours might be great; however, if you aren’t offering a good package, you’re likely to procure a number of rejections. In other words, employees want to receive fair salaries. They want to know that their work is valued. Furthermore, they want to receive a package that includes insurance and allows them to take time off from work when they need to. People want to know that if their kid needs new glasses or dental work they can take care of their family. A nice job title with a bad benefit package will be a reason people look over your job offer. Bolstering the package that you offer to employees can increase the acceptance rate.

Responsibility Disagreements

Another problem is that potential employees might disagree with position at hand if not enough information is disclosed. For example, the candidates might think that the way the position was advertised is not properly portrayed in the job listing. After an interview or two they may find themselves feeling tricked because of an outdated job listing.

Negative Atmosphere

When candidates come for their interviews, they may sense a negative atmosphere in your office. A number of issues could cause these uneasy feelings to come into fruition. For example, employees may seem disgruntled or at odds with one another, or the team interviewing them may act in a rude manner. Investigating these issues on a one-by-one basis can help you to determine how to create a more suitable environment not only for interviews but for all of the time.

When you find candidates who seem to be a great fit for the company, you don’t want them to decline the job offer. The first step here is to determine the core of the problem and then work to resolve the issue. Make sure your salary matches industry standards, that you are clear on the job description and that the benefit package covers basic procedures like metal free fillings, children’s vaccines, eye glasses, and basic annual health visits. These are some of the basic things that will make you competitive to other employers.

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