4 Suggestions for Upgrading Your Office for Higher Productivity

When you’re trying to increase your office productivity, enthusiasm and team spirit can only go so far. Try these tips for a tangible increase in the work that you and your employees complete every day.

Upgrading Office - 4 Suggestions for Upgrading Your Office for Higher Productivity

Add More Natural Light

The best work gets done in a well-lit environment. One study found that employees in day lit offices see as much as an 84% drop in eye strain, headaches, and other productivity-killing problems.

Don’t make your employees work under flickering fluorescents or dim yellow bulbs. Instead, upgrade your office with bulbs that provide bright, natural light. Consider adding lamps to particularly dark corners. In a brighter environment, you’ll find that your staff have better attitudes and produce higher-quality work.

Switch to Ergonomic Chairs

The chair that you sit in can completely define your workday. A good office chair will provide back support, relieve pressure from your wrists while you type, and encourage a posture that you can easily maintain throughout an 8-hour shift.

Remember that office chairs break down over time. An employee who sits in the same chair every day won’t notice that it’s breaking down, but their productivity will slowly start to decline. Consider updating the chairs in your office at least once every 3 to 5 years. Look for modern, ergonomic chairs that encourage an active and productive posture.

Improve Your Digital Workflow

Your office computers are full of productivity software—but do you actually know how to use them? If your employees spend their time struggling with an ancient email system or carrying important documents over to each other on thumb drives, you definitely need to re-consider your digital workflow.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider hiring some professional help. Consultants can clean up your current workflow, show you the features you’re missing, and train your employees to complete tasks the right way. Small delays add up throughout the day; if you streamline your digital processes, your employees will have an easier time getting things done.

Create Time and Space for Breaks

If you’ve ever hit a wall in the middle of your workday, you know just how important breaks really are. Fresh minds simply get more done; once you’re tired, your work rate and productivity will drop significantly.

Despite the importance of breaks, many employees aren’t taking them. 38% of employees don’t feel comfortable taking a real lunch break, and that statistic doesn’t even address the vital 10-minute breaks that need to exist throughout the day.

Add a break area to your office. Comfortable chairs, a few nice plants to look at, and a window with a view are all great places to start. Actively encourage your staff to take breaks; consider asking everyone to work in 90-minute blocks with 10-minute breaks in between.

The comfort of your employees has a major impact on their productivity. Check that your employees have healthy working conditions, and ensure that they are supplied with the tools they need to complete their jobs, outside sources such as Microsoft Office 365 consultants  can help you. If you focus on these two elements, your office productivity will go through the roof.

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