4 Things to Remember When Working in the Food Industry

The food service industry can be one of incredible opportunities and unique challenges. Though it is certainly possible to forge a long and prosperous career within the industry, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind as you do your daily work. To ensure your eating establishment remains successful for the long-term, here are some tips to consider regularly.

Restaurant - 4 Things to Remember When Working in the Food Industry

Clean the Bathroom
In most restaurants, guests don’t see much of what goes on behind the scenes. The closest they come to “pulling back the curtain,” then, is when they use the bathroom at your establishment. Since the bathroom is an area of your restaurant that not everyone needs to utilize, it can be easy to overlook its cleanliness during a busy shift. However, you can be sure that those guests who do use the bathroom will make an immediate assumption about the cleanliness of the kitchen based on the cleanliness of the bathroom. This means the bathroom needs to be as clean as it can be.

Maintain the Equipment
Another victim of busy shifts is proper equipment maintenance. However, whether it’s a cooler that breaks down due to a lack of maintenance or it’s a deep fryer that hasn’t been cleaned in ages, you can be sure that your equipment will fail just when you need it most if you don’t put in the effort to keep it functioning properly. It’s important, then, to clean and maintain all your equipment during off-hours to ensure it’s ready for primetime. For things like industrial refrigeration maintenance, make sure you find the right company to service it regularly.

Remove the Debris
Cardboard boxes, dropped tomatoes, and empty food cans can quickly accumulate and clutter the floor of your food prep space if you’re not intentional about cleaning the space regularly. More than being aesthetically unpleasing, a cluttered food prep area can present many trip and fall hazards that can injure your employees and lead to a loss in production. What’s more, this clutter makes excellent habitats for bugs, which can quickly lead to an infestation.

Optimize Your Supply Chain
One of the biggest ways to improve your efficiency and cut back on costs is to work on your supply chain. How and when you categorize and receive products from your suppliers will vastly affect your food service. Look into supply chain solutions that enable you to improve your supplier relations and maintain a professional and up-to-date schedule for delivery and payment. This will help you maintain a relationship with your suppliers and increase your buying power and product quality. As mentioned, the food service industry certainly has its share of challenges. It’s important, then, that you don’t make it more difficult on yourself by ignoring these tips. Even when you are doing everything right, though, you will still have those days where it all seems overwhelming. When that happens, just keep pushing through and remember that tomorrow is a new chance for greatness.

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