4 Tips for Making Your Job Bulletproof

With great job interview skills and a solid resume, business professionals can receive multiple job offers from which they can select the best employment for their specific needs. Many companies are now looking closely at their staff to ensure that each member is a good fit. Whether you want to stay where you are for the foreseeable future or you have plans to keep moving up the corporate ladder, it is essential that you are able to retain your position until you decide to move on. These next four tips will make it easier for you to hold onto your job, even amid layoffs, instability and other situations that could potentially put your job at risk.

Business Meeting - 4 Tips for Making Your Job Bulletproof

1. Stay in Contact with HR
When a company has major plans that involve hiring and firing decisions, the human resources department is always first to know. Make sure that you know who your personal contact within HR is, then develop a friendly and professional relationship. You don’t want to treat your HR liaison as a personal friend, but you do want to have a strong connection.

2. Move beyond an Entry Level Position
Companies are only interested in terminating employees that aren’t capable of carrying their weight. In an entry level position, you might go unnoticed and your supervisors may not be able to see your full potential. Whenever your employer has a new position posted, whether it is in your department or somewhere else, always make your interest known. Even if an open position seems like it is out of your league, you can fall back on your online bachelors in business to give your application more appeal.

3. Work Cooperatively with Management
Are you the type of worker who is remembered for always being motivated and action oriented, or are you constantly getting into arguments with the people who are providing you with tasks and instructions? You want to be certain that you won’t be the first nominated for termination just because you aren’t getting along with management. There’s a smart and professional way going about disagreeing with the way that management makes its decisions, and there is an immature way that will always certainly guarantee your demise.

4. Develop Skills and Advance Education
In times past, you used to be able to pretty much land a job straight out of college, never work anywhere else or even be promoted, and still be able to look forward to retiring securely at the same organization. Those days are long gone and neither employees nor employers have the same type of views on job security or loyalty anymore. If you aren’t going to be applying internally for a higher level position, furthering your education in a subject that directly relates to your field is one of the best thing that you can do to keep your job.

Employees can make plans that involve their employers directly, but you can’t depend on your job to keep your position safe. While your online business administration degree may have been the key to you getting your last job offer, your career is only going to be as active as you make it.  In addition to keeping your resume polished up, it is suggested that you keep your ears open and remain aware of any type of change that might put your job at risk. If you’re known for doing your job well, you’re well regarded by HR and you haven’t been a nuisance to your management team, there’s not much more that you can do to make your job bulletproof.

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