4 Tips For Successful B2B Sales

When you’re running a business of any size, it’s hugely important to use the right sales techniques. Because however good your business idea is, and how much your budget makes sense, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you can’t make sales. Business to business, or B2B sales, are especially challenging because you’re selling to a business–which means they already know the same persuasive techniques that you’re using. But if you think of that as a positive, as knowing that you’re already on the same page, and having all the right information, then you’re quite capable of closing B2B sales.

Business to business - 4 Tips For Successful B2B Sales

It’s all about using the right strategies. And while it may be difficult at first, the more customers you get, the more other businesses will be interested in working with you. If you want to learn the best strategies for closing B2B sales, here they are: 

1 Be smart about your online presence 

These days, anytime a potential client needs a service of yours, they’re going to look for it. For example, eChecks, a b2b service that helps companies write checks to vendors, has great visibility compared to competitors with similar products.It isn’t the days of cold calls the way it used to be. And even though cold calling is sometimes effective, and it’s always worth trying different strategies, everyone’s constantly online these days. So you need a well-designed website, that shows up both on desktop screens and phones. Include a blog and social media buttons on there so that readers are likely to find your content.

Additionally, because you’re working with other businesses, it’s smart to make connections in the professional sphere. Connect with other companies on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. After all, two-thirds of millionaires use LinkedIn, which goes to show that that’s where real business is. Don’t forget the value of making connections in person, too, at industry events and shows.

2 Create an industry-based sales pitch 

When you’re selling business to business, it’s way different than selling to ordinary customers. You have to be more practical, and truly understand how you can benefit them. Only 28 percent of B2B marketers say they have a documented editorial mission statement–so if you work hard at defining who you are and how you can help your client’s, you’ll stand out and leave competitors in the dust. According to Lead Forensics, it works like this:

“Figure them out – what makes them tick? What are their needs? What goals do they want to achieve? How do they position themselves in the market? Next, look at ways you could help them achieve their goals. Your pitch will suddenly be centered on their needs, and this will really grab their attention. Tailoring your pitch entirely to a lead is one of the biggest and most important changes you can make. It will take more time to prepare if you do it this way, but the result will be a higher close rate.”

3 Whatever you do, don’t lower your prices 

When you want to land a client–and especially when you’re quite new–it can be easy to lower your prices so that you get a yes. But that’s never a smart idea. If you’re pitching your sale, and a client says they’ll do it at a lower price than your rate, that’s a red flag. What if they don’t pay you later on? What if your rates rise later as you get more clients? It’s going to be more work than it’s worth, even more than at the beginning.

Instead, you need to keep researching potential clients. They’ll come out of the woodwork eventually. Trust that your rates are set so that the right clients will agree to them. And don’t forget to share content about what makes you so great, since 91 percent of B2B marketers are planning to use content marketing in their campaigns.

4 Get reviews and referrals from your successful clients 

Once you’ve been successful enough to land a client, and give them what they want, you can ask for more than just your money in return. Positive reviews on your website and referrals to other potential clients is the least you can ask for. 83 percent of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services, so go ahead and ask after you’ve completed a project or service.

These are some of the best strategies you can use for success in your B2B sales. What other strategies have you used in the past, and which ones were most effective?


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