5 Business Security Tips to Thwart Hackers and Thieves

No matter what kind or size of business you’re running, it’s important to take precautions that will protect your employees, visitors, and clients. Failure to do so could not only mean replacement costs, but possibly lawsuits and loss of customers. Here are five safeguards you should have in place.

Network Security - 5 Business Security Tips to Thwart Hackers and Thieves

  1. Network Security

Smart hackers with new forms of malware and spyware are determined to infect business networks. They can steal account and password information, deny you access to your own files, or simply wreak havoc on your systems. It’s essential to have the latest firewalls, email filters, and anti-virus software, and to apply updates whenever possible. Encryption techniques should be used on all communications and any sensitive data that’s stored.

  1. Office Security

You also need to secure your premises against physical attack, to deter both thieves and violent intruders. Surveillance cameras and key-card or biometric access devices should be put in place at any entry points. Replace traditional locks with these devices or keypads. Motion or laser-activated lights and alarms should cover all doors and windows after hours. Shatter-proof glass and metal doors are also good alternatives.

  1. Warehouse Safety

Warehouses can be a target of thieves since a great deal of money can be tied up in movable goods and product. Also, warehouse doors tend to be left open during business hours with shipping and receiving constantly taking place. It’s important to have surveillance cameras in place, strategically placed lights and mirrors, strong steel warehouse doors, alarm systems, and policies such as restricting drivers to the shipping/receiving area.

  1. Create Security Policies

Make sure that your employees are trained and frequently reminded of your security policies. This should include keeping doors closed and insisting that any visitors register at the front desk. IT policies should be set to enforce strong passwords, least-access privileges to data, logging off when leaving computers, and awareness of email scams.

  1. Plenty of Light

Any point of entry to your business should be well-illuminated and unobstructed so that it can be clearly observed from a distance. Any bushes that create a shadowed approach for criminals should be trimmed down or removed. Parking lots should also be brightly lit. Backup lighting systems should be in place to help protect the premises during any power outages.

Visit a security company like Johns Brothers Security to learn more ways to protect your business. Sensible, proactive measures can ensure that your staff and premises stay safe. It may take a little expenditure upfront, but it’s worth it if it prevents major losses.

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