5 Handy Tips for Electric Rice Cooker Cleaning and Maintenance

Electric rice cooker is one of the appliances that can significantly reduce your burden in the kitchen. Without consuming much of your time, the electric rice cooker prepares perfectly cooked rice. Besides cooking rice, you can also prepare many other dishes such as khichdi, soup and dalia. With such a useful appliance at your disposal, it’s necessary that you pay attention to the maintenance part also if you look forward to using it for many years down the lane.

Rice Cooker - 5 Handy Tips for Electric Rice Cooker Cleaning and Maintenance

People generally overlook the maintenance of electric rice cooker, which is indeed very significant. Rice cooker maintenance and cleaning is simple and doesn’t take too much time. If you are new to using a rice cooker, here are few tips that can help you with the cleaning and maintenance part.

Disconnect from the Power Source

Once you have cooked rice in the electric rice cooker and served it, it’s time to clean it. The first thing to keep in mind is to disconnect it from the power source. This step is very important.

Remove Burnt Rice Bits Carefully

Clean the remaining rice bits from the main pot. If you leave this for long in the pot, and the residue solidifies and is difficult to remove. In such cases, it becomes very hard to clean it. After unplugging, let the pot to cool down. Use a wooden spatula to get rid of the rice bits as this will let you clean the pot without making any scratches. Using a steel spoon could lead to plenty of scratches and damage to the non-stick surface.

Avoid Abrasives

Steel scrubbing brush, harsh scouring powder and other abrasives can leave scratches in the pot. So, make sure that you use a soft brush to clean the pot. If you are not able to clean with the soft brush, you can soak the inner pot in water for some time and then clean it as this will make the cleaning process easy.

Clean the Heating Plate

The key components of rice cooker include a lid and the main pot. You need to clean these components every time before using it. The heating plate should be cleaned properly after and before every use. You can use a damp cloth to get rid of the stains and dirt settled down on the plate.

Wipe the Exterior

It’s not necessary to wipe the exterior every day, but once in a week or so make sure that you clean it with a damp cloth. If you fail to clean it for months together, the dirt and stains would get stubborn and it would be very difficult to get rid of it.

Follow the above tips to clean your electric rice cooker on a regular basis. Proper cleaning and maintenance will extend the lifespan of the appliance.

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