5 Issues Factory Managers Should Handle before Winter

With the winter coming, there are certain steps you should take to protect your assets and your employees. Otherwise your factory might be in a lot of trouble by spring. You can at least avoid some needless expenses by preparing now. It can help to keep your business safe, and your stress low, by taking these preventative measures.

Factory Winter - 5 Issues Factory Managers Should Handle before Winter

Snow and Ice

Have your snow-removal plans in place well before the first heavy snowfalls start. The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands from a slip and fall. If you don’t have plowing vehicles or snow blowers yourself, make sure you contract with someone who’ll be there early enough to have your property cleared before the start of business. Don’t forget about keeping the roof clear of heavy snow.

Keep Out Pests

During the cold weather, pests such as rodents will be looking for a warm place to stay. Some insects are active at low temperatures. Inspect the outside perimeter of your structures and block off any entry points or gaps where they might get in, including repair of crumbling mortar or loose weather stripping. Keep metal screens over any vents or air intakes where pests could enter.

Large Spaces

Larger spaces like factory floors or warehouses are the hardest to keep warm, especially if there are high ceilings. Ensure there is adequate heat for the cubic volume of space. Since heat rises, ceiling fans or blowers should be in place to drive the heat downward. This will help to keep employees more comfortable and will save you on heating expenses.

Prepare for Emergencies

Be sure to drain all outside water pipes and hoses, such as sprinkler systems and drains. Keep vents clean and clear wherever exhaust from machinery or generators is vented outside. This helps to avoid carbon monoxide buildup or possible fire from sparks. It’s also a good idea to have all employee and first responder contact information on hand. Establish procedures so you can communicate with all of your team regarding any weather warnings or factory emergencies.

Have Your Heating Serviced

Have your heating systems checked and maintained by a professional from a company like Purvis and Foster Inc will help to ensure they functioning optimally and won’t fail on you at the worst possible time. This includes your boiler, burners, and heat exchange systems. Be sure any problems are repaired before it’s too late. To be safe, you might want to schedule additional maintenance over the course of the winter. The preventative measures you take may be different for each job role. Be certain all your employees are informed of your winter policies and your premises and equipment are secured against freezing temperatures.

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