5 Major Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring Manuscript Editing Services

You have completed your research, compiled your data and drafted your findings into a manuscript. Now, you realize that your manuscript is far from being done. You need to hire a manuscript editing service to go through the language, correct the grammar and spelling errors, make sure that the writing flows correctly and, ultimately, polish the paper for publication.


Selecting a manuscript editing service is a very important step in making sure that you are going to end up with a final draft that is as perfect as it can possibly be. With so many editing services available it can be hard to decide which one to hire and which one to skip. Here, we describe 5 major mistakes that you should avoid when you go about hiring your manuscript editing service.

  1. Paying too much or too little:

Of course you are going to consider price when you look at different companies, but you should be wary of companies that are charging way less then other companies.  A truly honest and hardworking manuscript editing service knows that it takes a lot of dedication to get your manuscript polished and that comes with a fair price. That being said, just because one editing service charges more than other does not mean that they are better than the rest. Shop around and compare what you get for the price that you pay. You should find that most of the best companies charge a little more because the service features are more in numbers compared to less expensive services.

  1. Make sure you hire editors that are native English speakers:

Many companies claim that they have English speaking editors on board, but when you are trying to publish in an English based peer-reviewed journal, the English editing level that is needed can really be accomplished by Native speakers. Ensure that the company you hire uses native-English speakers and not non-native English speakers.

  1. Make sure you will have customer support:

Through your editing process there is no doubt that you are going to have questions from time to time. Before you hire a manuscript editing service, check that they have team members available for questions. Ask questions before you hire them and see if they respond in a timely manner. This can be an indicator of how their customer support will be.

  1. Maintain confidentiality:

Your manuscript and your data are original and should be kept confidential. Make sure that when you hire a manuscript editing company they have a clear privacy policy that requires the editors to sign confidentiality agreements. The last thing you would want to have happen is to see your findings get “scooped.”

  1. Ensure the editors are qualified:

When selecting a manuscript editing service make sure that they specialize in academic editing and that they have field-specific editors with graduate-level training. These are important qualities in an editing company because the journal editor expects a high level of writing, and if your editors are not experienced at this level then your manuscript is not going to as polished as it could be.

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