5 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

When you get in trouble, you want to choose the best possible lawyer to represent you and make sure that your rights are preserved. The best way to find a good lawyer is to check out several criminal attorneys in Michigan, and then find the one that best suits your needs. The interview process with attorneys is extremely important, and there are certain questions you must ask in order to find the right professional to represent you in court.

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What Is Your Experience With My Type Of Case?

Some criminal attorneys practice in broad areas of the law, while others tend to be more specialized. A criminal attorney who works primarily in hit and run accidents may not have the necessary experience to help you with your DWI case. Always ask about the experience the attorney has that is pertinent to your case.

What Would Your Approach Be?

While you are not a lawyer, you would like to hear that your criminal attorney plans on trying tactics that could work in your favor instead of just following a standard procedure. The best type of criminal attorney is one who is creative with their approach to each case.

What Type Of Retainer Would You Require?

There is no such thing as a standard retainer to hire a criminal lawyer, so it is always a good idea to ask how much each attorney would require to get your case started. You should also have a comprehensive discussion about the attorney’s fee schedule, and how those fees are charged.

Do You Have Courtroom Experience?

Some criminal attorneys prefer to settle things out of court, or negotiate deals that do not require a trial. Since there is never any guarantee that your case will not wind up in court, you want to be sure that your attorney has the experience you need in front of a judge and jury.

Would You Be Working On My Case?

Many attorneys have their paralegals and junior attorneys prepare the paperwork for their cases. This is a standard practice, but you can insist on an attorney that does the work themselves if you would like.

It is important that you spend time interviewing several criminal attorneys before you decide on which one you will hire. The right attorney will defend your rights, and get your side of the case heard.

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