5 Things To Do When You’re The “New Guy” At Work

Finding a job can get difficult, especially if you don’t really know what to do with yourself career-wise. Personally, I’m quite the career jumper myself doing short stints from finance to sales and marketing. So once again, being a free agent, I started searching jobs on the internet. This can be a fun yet dreadful endeavour. You see jobs that you like but they’re either too far away from where you live or the offer is too low for you to survive. You then start searching for jobs abroad hoping to find opportunities as an expatriate. Having a financial background myself, I’ve searched for banking jobs in Myanmar, Thailand and even Iraq just to see how I fare in terms of employment on foreign countries. Believe me, I was losing patience, I was losing hope.

New Job interview

Then I got a call: An offer from a company I’ve long lost hope on ever receiving a call from. The job is interesting enough for me to stay and the salary meets my expectations. I accepted their offer and took the job. I am, once again, the new guy at work. Being the new guy at work can be tough. (I would know, I switched to 4 different companies for the last 2 years) It’s like being in high school again: You don’t know anybody and you’re basically confused as to what to do. But someone like me, jumping from company to company, has made a simple checklist on how to survive your first few days at work:

People are the key to survive

It’s only natural that you introduce yourself on your first day. You can’t, as a human being, just stare at somebody and expect them not to find you strange. Introduce yourself and listen – Know what they do and know if they can help you. Three things to know aside from their name: What do they do? Where do they sit? Do you directly work with them? Not everybody can be social butterflies but it’s only natural for you to ask questions. These people hold answers to questions like: “Where’s the pantry?”, “How do I turn on the microwave?”, “Does the bathroom door lock even work?” You’re new. It’s okay to be clueless. Embrace it.

Take it slow

You have to listen more than you speak when you’re new. Take in as much information as you can but avoid rushing into things. Make the most of the “new guy” status. Nobody can really fault you for simple blunders so feel free to ask for help or accept help when offered.  Always remember, however, to win your workmates over by doing your job well and keep from being too outgoing. You’ll get comfortable soon enough as do your workmates with you.

Have a long-time employee as a friend

Find out who’s your main go-to guy. Find the person that you’re mostly comfortable with to show you the ropes on what’s good and what’s bad. Each company has their own culture, environment and language. You need someone who can bring you up to speed on those factors and can rely on the little things. Because at the end of the day, it’s a bit silly to ask your boss how the coffee machine in the pantry works.

Get organized to set good habits

You’re taking in a lot of new information; getting organized will make things easier for you to take all those new information in. Once you start doing that practice, good work habits will follow. Managing your time won’t be problem if you practice this early on.

Set expectations for the company and yourself

Show to the company why you got hired in the first place. I did mention to take things slow but I also told you to get organized. There has to be a timeline wherein you set yourself in doing the actual grunt work to prove to your boss, or rather, the whole company, why you deserve this job in the first place. Give yourself this kind of mind-set and no one will mind you being the new guy any longer.

So there you have it. This is my short easy list on how you can survive being the new guy. Bottom-line, be happy you got the job and take in as much information. Make waves when necessary and learn when to listen. It won’t be long that another new guy will take your place who will feel the same exact feeling. So go forth, be nice and do your best!


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)?is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for JOBNET Banking Jobs in Myanmar.

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