5 Tips to Monetize Your Blog

Other than popularity and influence, good blog can also bring you lots of money. In this article we will give you several tips that will help you to monetize your writing. Most of blog monetization schemes require large following, so before you even start thinking about earning money with your online journal, you will need to do some audience targeting and to attract all the right people with interesting and useful content.

Blogging Hand


This is the most common platform bloggers use for making their ends meet. Unfortunately in recent years AdSense haven’t been too profitable, especially after the introduction of ad blocker software (the meanest enemy of AdSense crowd). Although most AdSense users are only able to cover their hosting and domain renewal expenses, in this game it is all about popularity. Popular and influential bloggers are able to earn millions using this affiliate program, but they already have large blog following, and whatever strategy they use for monetizing their blog posts usually turns out very successful.  

Here is some good advice on how to make your blog more popular and increase its following and profits:

  • Improve your social media strategy;
  • Organize giveaways, where you will give out promotional merchandise, personalized gift cards, eBooks etc.;
  • Promote your blog with AdWords;


Since ad blockers threatened to destroy one of the main sources of income for professional bloggers, many popular and influential writers decided to make a big change in their publishing scheme. They introduce special parts of their websites and blogs that are off-limits to everyone accept readers who pay yearly, monthly or weekly subscription.

This way of monetizing blogs turned out to be very effective, and it is used by several big publishers, including Wall Street Journal and The Economist. Major benefit of earning from membership, is that advertising is not messing with blog’s content and design. Unfortunately not all blogs are able to earn money this way, and the main criteria that separates ‘the wheat from chaff’ is of course the number of visitors, which brings us back to our previous chapter.

Sell your stuff

Many online stores add blogs to their websites in order to attract new customers with interesting and engaging content. Doing this other way around can also be very effective and since e-commerce is one of the fastest growing business niches, there’s no doubt that influential and popular bloggers will make their goods fly off the shelf.

Turning your blog in an online store is not easy. It requires you to create engaging and colorful product pages, to work a lot on your website’s security and to install new software that will handle online payments.

Sell someone else’s stuff

Big e-commerce businesses like Amazon have affiliate programs that support bloggers to add their products directly to their blogs and generate income by taking commission from purchases made by their readers. Amazon Associates program enable you to add their products to your blog in several different forms. You can make a discrete offer to your customers by linking Amazon’s product page in your blog text, or you can add the whole price list table, together with product photos and lots of additional information. First way is much better for bloggers who don’t want to change their blog’s design and UX, while second enables you to present products sold on Amazon in the best way, and provide them all information they need before making a purchase.

Native advertising

There’s been a lot of discussion about native advertising recently. Many people don’t like the concept which involves their favorite writers earning money from sponsor contract that are not much different from LeBron’s lifetime deal with Nike. Paid posts and reviews are one of the best money generators for popular bloggers and this scheme works like a charm.

Blogging has never been more lucrative, but before you start earning top dollar, you need to work on your writing skills and make your posts more likable in order to create wider follower base. After making your blog popular, you can start determining which one of these affiliate schemes will be the most engaging for your audience.

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