5 Tools for Merchants to Manage their Reputation Online that have Gained Popularity Recently

With the proliferation of customer review websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and others, the importance of online reputation platforms has grown significantly. Small businesses and merchants have also become a part of the newly initiated battle for the management of online reputation. Thus, for such participants, there are a number of tools that have been developed and gained reputation in recent times for providing valuable services to their clients. Few platforms with high popularity and use are discussed as below.

  • Yext: Online reputation of a merchant depends significantly on local listings, which can be accessed with the online reputation management platform provided by Yext. Business owners can review over 50 sites including search engines, social networks and review sites to know about the content posted about them online. The dashboard of this platform can be used to track the change of the behavior of the customers of a business and particular reviews can also be shared with managers to make sure that complaints from customers are identified and immediately addressed.
  • Chatmeter: This tool is used mostly by different franchise and chains owners to keep a track of the activities in their stores. This tool is very helpful in reviewing the content posted online for a particular chain or a group categorizing the content on the basis of their branches. Along with reviewing the content posted online, this tool also offers an option for responding to various complaints or feedback posted by customers online. Brand sentiments are measured on a dozen of websites like Yelp, Facebook and others for a deep analysis and a daily report email to the clients subscribed to the services of this tool.
  • Reputation.com: This platform offers multiple tools for an effective management of the reputation of a business online. Different tools are available to monitor web continuously, suppressing negative content and review tracking. While, the task of suppressing negative content is accompanied by the professionals working with the company. There is another tool offered by this platform that encourages customers, satisfied with the services, to post their positive opinions and feedback online to reduce the amount of negative content.
  • LocalVox: A negative review can cause a great damage to the online reputation of a business, which can be alleviated easily by responding to them in a timely manner. LocalVox is a platform that offers different tools to its clients to guide them through the process of responding to customer’s queries, along with providing healthy suggestions.
  • Google Alerts: This tool is provided by Google, free of cost, which is an efficient tool to help businesses/merchants monitor conversations and comments made online for their brand. It provides a functionality similar to the search engine functionality by providing an option to search for the required content by entering a particular keyword or a phrase. Google Alerts allow user to set alerts on their email address to remain updated with the latest information about the online activity related to a topic for which the alert is set.

All the above tools can help merchants get a better control over their online reputation by monitoring and taking necessary steps for improving their brand’s reputation.

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