6 Indispensable Content Marketing Tips for Startups

The Internet is all about information. People are mostly interested in quality content when searching the Internet. This is why content marketing has become so popular today. However, for this strategy to work, you have to make sure that the content you create is not only easy to read and understand but it should also give solutions to some of the problems your target audiences are facing. This simply means that the first step is to understand your audience. When you understand their plight, you will be able to create engaging content that will be unique to them.


The above is just the first and the most important tip you should understand about online marketing. The case is the same when using the social media. If you don’t understand what your audiences need, you will not be able to grab their attention. Apart from that, there are a couple of more tips you need to understand about Internet marketing. Here are the best tips you can use in content marketing.

1. Setup a company blog
If you wish to use content to promote your products and services or simply to educate your customers, you will need to create a company blog. This is the key to ensuring that you have a steady stream of content. This will also boost your chances of building loyal customers.

There are so many platforms you can use for your blog. Choose the platform that is easy to manage; a platform on which you can post the content on your own or even outsource the service to a freelancer. This is important because for this strategy to work in inbound marketing, you have to publish new posts almost on a daily basis.

2. Quality content is what will lead to better engagement
The secret to growth hacking with content is creating quality content. Anybody can create content and post it on their social media or blogging channels. The quality of that content is what draws the line between success in marketing and failure. Quality content will lead to better engagement. As aforementioned, Internet users are looking for content that can really help them.

If your content does not contain any actionable points, chances are it will not give you the engagement you desire. The best thing about creating high quality content is that you will compel happy readers to share it through their social media channels. This will lead to more views and engagement.

You must never write content just for the purpose of inbound marketing. You need to create content that provides value to your users. It does not hurt to share your own experiences, your best hacks, your failures, and tricks you have used and so on. Don’t create content that covers topics that are common knowledge. You need to select the most engaging topics. One way of creating great content is taking time to listen to the plight of your audience. Listen to the problems that people are facing and create content that offers solutions.

If you are serious about acing it in online marketing, you can invest in a good database. This will help collect the information you need to better understand your audience. You can even hire an Oracle Remote DBA to help with database management.

3. Repurpose your content
There comes a time when you hit a brick wall when trying to find fresh topics for your next posts. When this time comes, which is more common than you may think, you need to learn how to repurpose your posts. When repurposing your content, you can combine posts you have posted in various places into a white paper. It is also possible to use the data you collect from your recent posts to create Infographics.

Changing the format of your content is yet another method you can use when marketing your content online. For example, if you had a successful blog post, you can use the points to create a video, which you then share on social media and post it on YouTube and any other video sharing site. Do not forget to add links that point to your landing pages. This will help with inbound marketing.

4. Use the right platform
Where you end up posting your content is very important. This is what will determine the number of people who will be able to see it as well as the number and type of people who interact with it. Your readers want also to know who endorses you. If they don’t trust the person that endorses you, there is a good chance they will not act on what you have to offer.

Prior to posting your content online, make sure that you do comprehensive research to properly understand the platform as well as its influencers. It is also good to engage your influencers. Make sure you get in their mailing list as well as understand their writing style. Which topics do they like? If they are not a good fit for your startups, then you should search elsewhere. You want to use a platform that you can comfortably fit in.

5. Start with cornerstone content
The cornerstone content is the piece that you can build all your future content from. The best thing about doing this is that it will keep you in line. Your chances of veering off course will be reduced. You can develop one or two cornerstone content, such as a landing page, ebook or whitepaper. The cornerstone content will then be used as the go-to resource for the topics that you wish to explore.

6. Use images and videos
Last but not least, if you want to succeed with content marketing, it is imperative that you make use of rich videos and images within your content. Images and videos are what grab and hold the attention of readers. If you don’t grab their attention, chances are they will not read your content.

These are just crucial growth hacking tips to help with your content strategies. The list is, however, incomprehensive. It is up to you to keep learning. You have to keep up with the trends.


Author Bio
Sujain Thomas is an online marketer and an Oracle remote DBA. She is the founder of an online marketing agency that specializes in content marketing and helping startups to excel.

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