6 Simplest Ways to Make Your Corporate Events Worry-Free

Whether you are a professional planner or you got stuck with the task of planning a corporate catering for your business in Manila, knowing how to plan a corporate even can be tricky and some may even find it too much of a hassle since there are a lot of details involved especially in the planning stage. Food, location and atmosphere are several aspects you should keep in mind. Don’t worry, though; with a carefully crafted plan and enough effort, your event may come out perfectly with no drawbacks. Here are some tips on how you can plan your corporate event with little or no worries at all:

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1. Come up with your theme

Conceptualizing the theme is undeniably the most important during the planning phase. Whatever party you are planning to host a company picnic, a cocktail party or even a workshop, setting the theme will give the event its tone and allows you to have a starting point when picking the food, music, and decor. Make sure that the theme you’ll come up with is appropriate to the people who will attend the event. You can ask for ideas but you can also surf the internet to find themes.

2. Know your budget

Set a preliminary budget by determining how much you’ll spend on food, entertainment, room rental, invitations and any other additions for the event. Remember, stay within your budget. The last thing you want to happen is overspending on something and totally forgetting about one important part of the event.

3. Start with the appointments

Don’t waste time and start to make appointments to discuss the rental cost of the room, the food, and whoever will be involved with the event. Determine if you need to have outside security; if the venue can provide their own decoration or if you have to bring your own; the cost per hour in the rented room; and if you need to outsource a bartender.

4. Take care of the menu

Determine the menu with your caterer and talk about the timing and manner of serving. Will it be a plated meal or a buffet? Will it be a five-course meal or seven? Will the dishes be local or international? Smooth out the exact details; you don’t want your guests to go hungry just because there is a delay in serving the food.

5. Make a to-do list

If there are any details that you still need to cover, especially the ones that are restricted with time so make sure that you have created a timeline to stay on top of the little details. Don’t forget to check the list every now and then to ensure you forgot nothing.

6. Don’t be afraid to assign an assistant

Have a designated errand person/s so you can stay and manage the event while you send them off for any additional items that need to be picked up or if there is a small emergency you couldn’t attend to when the event starts.

While planning the event may be one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have, you will the hero during the party. When the guests see how well the event was pulled off, they will remember the best Corporate Catering in Manila that you are the responsible. However, remember to share the credit with everyone who has helped you execute the perfect corporate event.


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