6 Tips for Innovative E-Commerce Design

When it comes to online shopping, style can often be just as important as substance. But what if you’re a businessman and not a designer? How do you know what changes will attract and retain new customers? Whether you’re an international company or just a small start-up hoping for direction, here are six tips for upgrading the appearance of your e-commerce site.


1: Supersize Everything

Add to cart. Proceed to checkout. Enter promotional code. If your site is anything like the typical retailer, it probably has a lot of buttons on it. Increasing their size by just a quarter is enough to draw the eye and start giving subtle suggestion to your customers.

2: Use Bold Designs

17 percent of web users stay on a page for less than four seconds. If you want to break this trend when they reach your business, give them something interesting to admire. Don’t be afraid of colors, patterns and splash pages.

3: Include Graphics

When it comes to adding visual interest to your site, images are only the beginning. You can also make use of animations, infographics and even embedded video with preview pictures. The goal, as always, is to catch their attention and keep it long enough to make a sale.

4: Optimize Your Text

No one wants to read a novel when they’re trying to shop. If your items come with detailed product descriptions, make sure they’re easy to skim. Use bullet points for highlights; tally features and specs in a list format. Don’t ever post a product description as a gigantic block of words. Paragraphs are your friend!

5: Learn Color Psychology

Do you know why Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all in various shades of blue? It’s because blue is a soothing, relaxing color, the kind that slows you down and allows hours to pass before you realize how long you’ve been on the site. Start using this kind of color psychology in your business to wiggle into your customers’ brains and stay there.

6: Incorporate Social Media

It isn’t enough to simply be on Twitter. You should also be promoting your account on the site and encouraging others to tweet about their shopping experience. The same goes for Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. You want good word-of-mouth, so make it easy for the mouths to talk.

If you’re serious about breaking the mold with your ecommerce design, these tips are the way to do it. Contact a professional web designer if you think you need help upgrading your code or implementing your new style strategies.

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