6 Ways to Go Green at the Office

If you’re stuck in a cubicle all day, you might not have the influence or resources to make major, eco-friendly changes at work. The good news is that you don’t have to be the boss to start building better habits. Here are just six ways that anyone can go green at the office.

Electric Car

1. Change Your Commute

The emissions of your car are deadly to the planet’s atmosphere. If you can, start riding a bike or taking a bus to work. You might also organize a carpool with other employees. The goal is to reduce the overall amount of emissions you’re responsible for each year.

2. Replace the Light Bulbs

Are you still using halogen bulbs at your company? Ask for permission to replace them with compact florescent lights. They last much longer but only use a fraction of the energy, making them a much more sustainable choice.

3. Start a Recycling Program

Literal tons of garbage come out of companies and corporations. If you can redirect even a small percentage of that towards recycling, you’ll be doing the world a favor. Set up recycling bins next to garbage bins and see who bites. You might be surprised by how many people will take the option as long as it’s there.

Unplug Electric

4. Unplug Your Electronics

Before you go home at 5 o’clock, make sure you’ve unplugged all your electronics, including phones, chargers, copiers, printers and personal computers. If you can, get everyone on the floor to do the same. This will prevent gadgets from sucking up resources even when they’re not being used.

5. Change Your Vendors

If you hold enough sway to influence where your company goes for supplies, materials and contracts, start sending your employees to sustainable vendors. You’ll still get what you need, but the impact on the environment will be much less, and you’ll also be supporting companies who are doing their part for the planet. Click here to learn more.

6. Go Paperless

Switch to tablets and emails instead of folders and post-its. Not only will this reduce waste, but you’ll also decrease the department’s overhead when you no longer need to buy paper, staples, scanners and other hallmarks of old-fashioned communication.

If you’re serious about incorporating green habits into all areas of your life, here are just a few ways you can make environmentally-friendly changes at the office. Good luck!

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