7 Vietnamese Dishes You Can’t Live Without

When you choose Vietnamese food you are onto a winner. With the flavour combination and the satisfaction quota up high, Vietnamese food is the perfect choice for a dinner, lunch, or quick snack. There are many restaurants and takeaways in the UK now offering Vietnamese food. But what do you choose? Here are some classic dishes that are usually available here, and some more unusual ones that you can seek out – or make yourself!


1. Pho Noodle Soup
It is a broth, made from chicken or beef stock, with chicken or beef added to the mix along with rice noodles, herbs, and some added extras. It is the ideal lunch dish or you can add ingredients to make it a substantial dinner.

2. Cha Ca Fish
Cha ca is a dish made up of chunks of fish, freshly seasoned with dill, ginger, garlic, and turmeric, and served fried. It is a classic in the city of Hanoi in Vietnam – you may have to seek it out in the UK, but it is also very easy to make.

3. Banh Xeo Pancakes
Looking for a fresh pancake for your lunch? The banh xeo is a crispy pancake full of delicious morsels of pork, or shrimp, plus herbs and bean sprouts. This Vietnamese dish is best enjoyed with dipping sauces, spicy or otherwise.

4. Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Nem ran or cha gio are bite-sized spring rolls that are enjoyed with special dipping sauces. The rolls are made with a meat and herb filling, and they are often served as an appetiser to a main meal.  You can get spring rolls that are fried or cooked, depending on how healthy you wish to be.

5. Cao Lau Noodles
This special Hoi An pork noodle choice is made from thick udon-like noodles and also contains crispy pork, which makes the dish a little Chinese in its style. It is seasoned with classic Vietnamese herbs.

6. Bun Bo Hue Noodles
This noodle dish comes from central Vietnam and is made from a meat broth with pork or beef. The noodles are thick and tasty, making this the ideal dish for a substantial meal.

7. Banh Khot Pancake
This is a variation on a traditional pancake that is smaller in size and made to be eaten in one mouthful. This is the classic Vietnamese dish that is available from Vietnamese restaurants like vieteat.co.uk all over the world. The pancake usually turns out crunchy on the outside and also contains shrimp, bean sprouts, shrimp flakes, and spring onions.

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