8 Helpful Tips for Utilising Rental Storage Units

There can be a time when you need to have more space, leading you to become a tenant in one or more storage units. You could have a number of reasons for renting one, but there are a lot of tricks and tips that you should be aware of but may not be before you pick out your unit. These are a few of the top tips:

Storage Archiving - 8 Helpful Tips for Utilising Rental Storage Units

1. Use plenty of pallets.

Having your items up and off of the floor is crucial. While it may seem silly, you need to be sure that there is not going to be water coming through the door from the weather outside and ruining your stuff. There could even be a spill in a unit next to you that may soak its way into your unit and onto your couch and matching loveseat.

2. Wrap whatever you can.

Every time a storage unit is rented, you should be wrapping items using an industrial plastic wrap. This will help to seal everything up tight and you will not have to worry about creepy crawlies or the collection of dust while the items are in storage. There are large rolls that you can order for this very purpose.

3. Get a small hefty lock.

While many units will have security, this is not going to mean that mistakes won’t happen. Look for an all-weather padlock with a short arm that makes it difficult for a bolt cutter to make its way in.

4. Labelling is your friend.

While you may know what you are putting into storage at the time that you rent the unit, it will not mean that you will remember in six months from now when you have to rummage through to find the items that you need. Label everything including items that are hidden and those that are obvious. You could even benefit from making a checklist and hanging it inside the unit that will tell you where something may be so that you are not dipping into countless boxes.

5. Plan for any temperature changes.

While this may not be a problem in every area of the country, there are some items you have that may not like the heat or cold, so think about having them double wrapped or insulated well. Some items may be best not being stored at all. Certain things like old photos, vinyl records, etc. will not come out quite so well if they are not stored in proper fashion.

6. Bring sand for winter.

A number of outdoor storage units will be built in a manner that water will drain away from the doors and into one central location. However, there can be a large ice patch that may develop outside your storage door, which will make it nearly impossible to get in and out with your belongings without slipping. Bring along sand, cat litter or sheets of plywood that will help you to access your items or unload them.

7. Protect your space.

While you may be thinking more about your belongings in the unit, you need to know that it will be equally as important to protect the actual unit. You could run into big fines if you damage the unit while you are renting it. If you are having one for a restoration business or furniture flipping, be sure that you cover the unit in plastic, including the walls and the floors to catch any of the sprays or glues.

8. Hone your packing skills.

Even a small storage unit can hold a massive amount of stuff just as long as you make sure you utilise your space wisely. These from Blue Box Storage, that everyone can use when renting a storage unit. This will mean packing items all the way up to the ceiling. Bring in plywood that you can lay across several boxes as a way to stabilise the layers when you are stacking. This will take any pressure off of the top of your boxes while keeping your belongings safe.

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