A Guide to Quality Assurance in Your Workplace

If you run a company that produces products that are sold to consumers, one thing that should certainly be on your mind is quality assurance. Quality assurance refers to the strategies that are used by a company to avoid errors and defects in the manufacturing process as well as mistakes made when delivering products or services to consumers. Quality assurance is certainly important. It’s good to know a lot about it if you own or run a business.

Workplace - A Guide to Quality Assurance in Your Workplace

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

One term you may confuse for quality assurance is quality control. It is true that these two terms are often used interchangeably. Technically, however, there are some differences between the two. Quality assurance includes more administrative processes to ensure that the goals and requirements for a product or service are achieved in a more comprehensive fashion. Quality control is more strictly procedural and is simply a step in the process.

Components and Materials

Quality assurance needs to start during the earliest stages of the research and development that goes into developing a product or service. Just because you have high standards in your own factories and workshops does not mean you will produce a high quality product. This process should of course start with examining the suppliers of your components and materials.

Big Data Analytics

These days, quality assurance is rather data driven. Many companies record and store all kinds of data regarding their products, machinery and production processes. This data is then later collated and analyzed to determine whether quality assurance strategies are being achieved. Without this data being recorded and analyzed, the processes of quality assurance are far more difficult and cumbersome. This is why a big data approach should be implemented.


Of course even if your materials and processes, as written, are air tight, quality could still be bungled by the negligence or incompetence of your work force. This is why management of employees at all levels is so important. All it takes is one human error to effectively destroy the quality of your products. Make sure you have strong recruitment, hiring and training policies in place. Make sure employees are closely supervised and that employee performance is judged on a strictly merit based system.

Quality is probably the most important factor in regards to a business’s continued success. If the quality of your products is poor, you will not receive repeat business. If you need extruded graphite to create your product, you best make sure that the graphite materials you are purchasing are up to your own standards. Make sure you put a lot of effort into quality assurance for your business. If you don’t, you will suffer serious consequences.

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