A List of the Most Common Kinds of Wall Mounts for Your Television

If you’ve just bought your new TV and are wondering what the best way to mount it is, then you’re in good hands. It’s common (and actually, it’s usually proper) to mount that nice flat-screen TV on the wall, simply because there are so many advantages (and it was designed to be enjoyed that way, too, in case you were wondering).


But more than that, there are many ways to mount your TV on the wall, and before you explore other options, you should really consider the ways in which the TV can be mounted on the wall. Here’s the thing: it’s not just about attaching the TV on the wall, and that’s it – there are really many options available. Here’s a list of the most common kinds of wall mounts for your television.

The low profile

This is the classic mounting – the mounting the creators of the flat-screen TV actually had in mind when they designed it. It’s a simple solution; your TV will have holes and spaces provided at the back of it for easy, simple mounting on the wall. It gives it the clean, sleek look that most people aspire for, and it will remain a classic for years to come. Often the TV is no more than an inch away from the wall – plasma TVs are best for this kind of mounting as they offer the best general viewing angle.

The tilt and the swivel

The tilt or swivel TV mount may cost a little more than the simple mount, but it’s more than worth the simple investment because it offers a lot more flexibility – the tilt and swivel will give you a much better viewing angle, even if you’re to the right or to the left of the ideal viewing position, or even if you’re lying down on the floor.

Want full-motion?

It’s certainly possible – these kinds of mounts offer a full arm that gives you a full range of motion in terms of location and viewing angle. It’s the most sophisticated and gives you the widest range of possibilities.

There used to be only two choices, really – either mount your TV on the wall (the traditional way, so it offers very little flexibility) or place your TV mount on a cabinet or table (which takes up space, poses a safety hazard, but does give you the flexibility benefit). The choices are more varied now. Thanks to the designers of the various kinds of mount brackets and wall mounts available on the market, you can now figure out how to give yourself the best viewing experience – it just takes a little thinking through. List your priorities; what benefits do you need or want? The perfect wall mount is out there for you.

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