Are you the one of Blogaholic?

In the society in which we all, mortals, live almost every person has a passion, an obsession or a vice, depending on how addicted he/she is of a certain thing or action. Recently, a new type of activity has caught people’s attention. Blogging, because this was the activity we were talking about, has become a passion for some, an obsession for many and a vice for others. This latter category will be the object of analysis of this article.

Blogging Hand - Are you the one of Blogaholic?

Also known under the name of blogaholic, the person which has become addicted to his/her blog and has read many of the other blogs available on the internet has several specific features. These features have been individuated by no others than the blogaholics themselves, in a more or less ironic manner.

In what follows the readers will find a list with the most common features of a blogaholic. The main characteristic of those that have been captured by the virtual space is that they spend more time writing about their on their blog than they actually live. They hear news about their friends only by reading their blogs and talk to them only by posting comments on the above mentioned blogs. Following the same line, the blogaholic does not answer the phone, letting his/her parents know about his/her condition only by means of the articles posted on the personal blog.

The blogaholic is always concerned about the statistics and about the number of people that have visited his/her blog in a day, a month or a year and he/she is in constant search of methods that could improve the traffic of his/her blog.

To achieve his/her goal of making the personal blog one of the most visited sites the blogaholic is always in search of new topics that will get people’s attention and sleeps with the notebook besides the bed so that none of the thoughts that cross his/her mind should pass unwritten.


As it happens with all the specialists, the bloggers, and especially the blogaholics have adopted their own language and talk in this slang with everybody. Words such as WYSIWYG, blogosphere, RSS Feed and blogrolling would certainly puzzle any outsider.

Such people usually have more friends on the internet, known of course by means of their blogs than real friends with whom to go out with. This is reasonable if we think that they are more interested in spending their time blogging then going out.

In the whole world there are estimated to be over 100 million bloggers and 200 million ex-bloggers. If we take into consideration that over 5% of this number is considered to match the above description we get 5 million blogaholics in the entire world. If this is true there is no wonder that they have more friends on the internet than in the real world.

Testes have been developed in order to find out whether a person is or not a blogaholic. So, are you a blogaholic?

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