Can AI and blockchain tackle medical debt?

While in the UK medical debt is unlikely to be personal, there is still the impact of prescription charges, dentistry and other services that may not be included with the NHS. As medical technology advances, it is not surprising that blockchain and AI have entered this industry and could provide ways in which to solve issues of medical debts.

Medical - Can AI and blockchain tackle medical debt?

Within the healthcare industry, blockchain and AI can help disseminate the incredible amount of both patient and medical data that needs processing. This can help with speeding up the rate at which drugs are deemed safe for the market and adapt ways in which patients can be treated. Read More

These strategies are all shaping the retail

Technology is playing an important role in retail in the burgeoning digital age. It is frequently used as a tool to attract customers and forms one of the many strategies that retailers are using to boost sales and make their marketplace future-proof.

Retail Technology - These strategies are all shaping the retail

Technology is an essential part of the retail

Most customers want to try a product before they buy, which is why retailers are bringing innovative and new experiences to them; for example, in Nike’s store in New York, staff can put customers through drills to test out new sports shoes. This is the kind of in-store experience that makes retail exciting and innovative for customers. Read More

Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London’s Property Market?

Your next home could be an energy-efficient micro-apartment. With the desirability of mobile tiny homes and the fact that the UK already has some of the smallest homes in Europe, this new trend could go some way to solving the housing crisis with smaller, more affordable homes.

City of London - Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London's Property Market?

One thing seems certain – smaller properties and property inventory software will make landlords’ jobs easier in the future. The micro-housing trend has already taken off in San Francisco, which suffers a similar affordable housing problem to London. Read More