How to Keep Your Shower Cubicle Spotless

Showers are great! You pop in – shower – and pop out, dry off, get dressed and rush out to work or whatever is in your schedule for the day. Unlike the good old conventional bath, it’s not so obvious when your shower cubicle needs a good clean. But keeping your shower spotlessly clean can be effortless if you pay a little attention to this on a regular basis.

Hydro Shower Cabin room

If you haven’t cleaned the shower in a while – the first time could require a bit of old fashioned ‘elbow grease’ – but the good news is that in the future it’ll be much easier. Read More

Why Dental Radiography is Essential for Your Veterinary Practice

Dental radiography forms the key component in providing essential dental care for patients within your practice. Attempting to diagnose dental problems without the use of dental radiography is extremely difficult and somewhat akin to omitting any evaluation of blood glucose levels when treating diabetes mellitus.

Dental Radiography

While many owners may consider that unless their animal actually has a loose tooth – there is no problem and therefore treatment is not required, this is often not the case. Dental X-rays are extremely useful in highlighting underlying pathologies. The diagnosis and timely treatment of such issues can positively affect the animal’s mood and behaviour. In many veterinary practices where the production of dental radiography has been consciously more frequent in order to identify such problems, much positive feedback from owners has resulted. Read More