Ways to Unlock More Opportunities in Your Business Career

Choosing a career in business is an exciting decision to make. It’s a field with so many different paths to take and jobs to pursue. If you’re curious about how you go about unlocking additional opportunities in your business career, there are a few things you can do. These will help ensure that you continue to feel challenged and that there are always new opportunities waiting for you.


Further Your Education
There’s no better way to unlock additional career opportunities than to further your education. You can even get your masters in CIS through an online university, which allows you to work around your own schedule and not have to worry about commuting to and from class. Read More

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How to Use Blogging to Boost Your Career

Blogging is big news. There are millions of blogs out there, some successful, others less so. In the beginning, people created blogs to share their interests with the wider world. Mommy bloggers talked about their kids, their hobbies, and their favorite meals. Tech bloggers discussed gaming, new tech and the ever-changing SEO landscape. If you were interested in something, there was a blog out there with your name on it.


Today, you can still create a blog to post cat videos or cupcake recipes, but if you are looking for a new job or career boost, a blog is a great accessory. Read More

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What Do You Get When Computer Science, IT & Healthcare Join Forces?

Somehow the thought of computer science, information technology and healthcare joining forces seems like something out of an Orwellian nightmare, but in reality, the three disciplines are anything but cataclysmic when combined! As a matter of fact, when working together, each complements the other so that the end result is extremely improved patient care and often at reduced costs for the provider. Here’s how this works, according to the University of Illinois health informatics department.


The Marriage of Healthcare and Computer Science  
The gathering of healthcare data actually takes place from a great number of sources. Typically, this data is collected in hospitals, clinical studies, healthcare providers (i.e. doctors) and from patients themselves responding to questionnaires and surveys. But, what happens to all the data that is collected? It is worth nothing unless it is organized and then analyzed to determine patterns and outcomes. Read More

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