Autumn Home Improvements

In Autumn, nights are getting darker quicker and it’s raining more than ever (even by England’s standards!) which can get you feeling down and under the weather.

Autumn House - Autumn Home Improvements

Since you can’t go out much and you’re feeling down, why not make changes to your property instead?

Benefits of making changes to your property

Well, just because we’ve said it might be good to make changes to your property, that doesn’t mean that you will.

Why is it important to make improvements to your property in the Autumn months?

Firstly, it’s important that you get in all the external changes before it gets to winter. Yes, it would have been easier to make them in the summer. Yes, the weather is already bad. Luckily for you however, there’s still plenty of time to make the changes in autumn before the winter months arrive. This means that you can have your house safe and looking brilliant in time for the winter.

Secondly, any external changes, you won’t be able to make for a couple of months. If you don’t make the changes before winter arrives, you’re going to end up waiting until spring or summer. If there’s any damage, by that point it might be too late to rectify the situation.

Thirdly, you can save lots of money by making little changes to your property in Autumn. This might sound daft, surely you can’t save money by spending it? Well, by making changes that offer more insulation and repair any damage externally, you could be saving significant amounts of money in the future. For example, by insulating your house, you will save on energy bills. By repairing any damage externally, you might prevent very expensive future structural damage.

So, what changes can you make?

Autumn - Autumn Home Improvements

Add insulation

This might be an obvious one but most people think that adding insulation is exclusive to the attic. The attic might be the first place you add insulation and it is a good place to add insulation but it’s also important to add it elsewhere.

Why not consider adding insulation to the crawl space, garage and basement? Just adding insulation to your attic means that heat can escape from other parts of your house so you’re not actually insulating the heat!

New windows

Investing in your windows can make a big difference to your property.

It really is amazing how much heat can escape from your home just through the windows. Whilst you might have insulated your attic, garage and basement, it’s crucial that if you’re losing a lot of heat, you get new windows with at least double-pane if not triple-pane.

Whilst it’s expensive to have all of your windows replaced, it’s important to have them replaced so that you can make sure your home is the best it can be in terms of retaining heat.

Triple-pane windows are truly second to none. When it comes to thermal performance, these windows are guaranteed to not let you down. In fact, it is almost assured that your energy bill will be reduced by hundreds if not thousands of pounds over time. This makes it an excellent investment as you will save (over time) more than you spend to have the windows installed.

Autumn Home Improvements - Autumn Home Improvements


Not many people have heard of SecoTHERM, but it is an excellent way to insulate your property and reduce penetrating damp by 95%.

SecoTHERM is known to improve the thermal resistance of your exterior walls which means that heat will be contained inside of your property and the cold air will stay outside.

SecoTHERM performs this insulation by keeping your external walls dry. This works because wet bricks convey heat nearly 3 times faster than dry bricks, resulting in over a 3rd of your house’s heat being lost through cold, wet walls.

SecoTHERM can reduce your energy bills for years and by a drastic amount. Whilst the initial investment isn’t cheap, you more than make your money back through the years.

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