Benefits Of A Mall Kiosk

Instead of owning a large building or a store in a mall, one of the things that you can consider is a mall kiosk. This is an area where you can sell a small number of the products available from the business. You can easily take orders for other items that are offered, bringing them to the kiosk on a certain date so that customers can get them. Mall kiosks also make it easy to move to a new location of the building if the business isn’t going well or move to another mall as long as you aren’t under contract with the current location.

Pop Stop Kiosk

One of the benefits of setting up a kiosk in a busy mall is the foot traffic. There are several people who simply walk around the mall, looking for bargains or looking to see what is new. If you’re display is of a professional quality while standing out from others that customers see, then you can sometimes get a sale from someone who wasn’t planning on stopping.

The products that you can sell will likely vary at a kiosk. This can help improve customer sales as they won’t have to look at the same thing each time they enter the store. You need to maintain a schedule of how often you will rotate items that are sold and how many of each product you will have on hand. If possible, consider renting a small storage area in the mall so that you can keep extra supplies in case you run out of something that is highly desired by customers. Offer samples of products if possible, especially if it’s food or a service that is provided by a product that is sold. An example would be a curling iron or a straightener for the hair. You could set up a demonstration of the item so that customers know how it works before it’s purchased.

If you rent a store in a mall, then you will likely have to sign an agreement as to how long you will be there and the type of products that you will sell. A kiosk, while still mandated under the rules of the mall, is a little more flexible because you aren’t taking up an entire store. You are only using a small space, reserving room for larger businesses that want to set up in other areas of the mall.

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