Bi-folding doors are choice of architects

Architects are always one to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and crazes. Not only does this inspire their works, it also allows them to create designs which are in alignment with what the general public wants.


Bi-folding doors are currently one of the biggest design crazes in the UK and are being used in both domestic and commercial properties to enhance their appearance, as well as add many other benefits. Bi-folding doors give the freedom of movement, the illusion of space and can also be used to help reduce energy bills by regulating internal temperatures.

Their concertina effect, created when the door folds back fully, provides the complete free movement between your internal and external living spaces. Whilst this has its first benefit regards movement, this also leads to other advantages such as:

•    Taking the eye line away from a fixed point which then makes the room look much bigger than it is.
•    The removal of a solid barrier creates much larger living spaces
•    Your home can be used in more ways than you might have thought, with space making it more socialable.

However, it is more than just the size and opening space that architects are loving about the doors and the only reasons they are using them. Adding bi-folding doors allows them creativity when it comes to cost reduction and natural light.

When combined with roof lanterns or lighting, bi-folding doors can help make a room incredibly well lit, all by natural lighting sources. This has been proven to have can links to happiness, health and productivity. Also, architects can use the doors to make a room multifunctional.

With some careful planning and the addition of a few other things, the room can become a space for working at home, studying, a children’s play room or much more. If you have the doors open regularly, it can become an area where you can sit inside whilst your children play out, or even give them the maximum space to play as they please.

For commercial applications, commercial doors provide the scope for change and allow any business to quickly alter the feel of their office or venue depending on weather, time of the year, event or personal requirements.

So as you can see, it is little wonder that architects all over the UK are aligning themselves with bi-folding door companies like Clear View Bi-folding Doors in Yorkshire. Architects can trust them with confidence because they provide the full range of services from manufacture to install.

So if you are looking to entrust the skills or an architect and want these added benefits within your home design, ask for bi-folding doors. If you are an architect, to meet the demands of clients, it is likely you will already know what doors to choose!  With more and more people getting extra from their home, you do not want to be left behind by not taking advantage of the quality in these doors.

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