Blogging for a Living:? Choosing A Place to Write

Professional bloggers do their work from a plethora of different work locations and worksites.? Many work from traditional locations at a computer workstation or office desk.? Others do their work at internet cafes.? Many like to work at coffee clubs, while others may write while eating a croissant and sipping a latte while at a table in their favorite coffee shop.? Some bloggers prefer working at a library where they have access to public computers and reference or research books on hand.? And others work from even more informal locales like student lounges or outdoor parks or cafes in warm weather.

Blogger on bed - Blogging for a Living:? Choosing A Place to Write

Some bloggers like to write from the comfort of their own bedroom.? They will adjust their bed to a comfortable position with a back support, and use a bed table obtained from?Bed, Bath and Beyond?as the place to sit their laptop computer; others will simply put the computer on their lap.? Saving the table space for reference materials, papers, or light refreshments.? Many use?Groupon?coupon discounts to obtain really comfortable pillows and covers from Bed Bath and Beyond so they can work most productively while propped up.

While the selection of work locale is left to the individual blogger, the one essential is to be assured of quality internet connections and a reliable power source.? If you work from a public computer you will also need to take additional steps to ensure the security and protection of your website from possible malware and viruses.? And of course, regardless of where you work from you should always back up your work so the research and writing aren’t lost due to possible system crashes or power outages.

If you are a blogger who likes to write during your spare time at work, you should be careful using your employer’s hardware and equipment.? Many business systems are programmed to prevent unauthorized use for non-work or personal purposes.? You should not store your work on your system even temporarily – instead save it to a removable flash drive.? And you also shouldn’t use your employer’s system to send personal blogs and communications over the internet.? Instead, do your writing and research in the office, save the work to a removable source and then produce and send the finished product from your personal computer.

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