Branding yourself as an expert

In the digital world, people perceive you in some way, even prior to meeting you. Your reputation does precede you, and enables you to achieve things without actually moving a finger. Such a mysterious power is something that takes time to seize. Moreover, it is composed of various flimsy aspects, each being an irreplaceable part of the machinery for producing success.  The expertise needs to be earned fair and square, so be prepared to prove it to the thousands, maybe millions of people.

Starting a blog

Starting a blog

There is a plethora of projects you can undertake in order to position yourself as an expert. First off, starting a blog is unparalleled in terms of forging reputation and a potent asset to any business. But, one has to come with a constant streak of relevant, engaging content related to hot topics. You need to solve the reader’s problem, offer deep insight and a fresh take on the subject matter. So, instill your expertise in the content, and offer it to the wider audience. Otherwise, you will get snowed under a mountain of similar blogs.  

Into the void

This means you should try to fill the void in the market. Teaching the strategies that are still only known to few is one of the ways to pull this off. Another priority is to reach out renowned experts, trusted connoisseurs, and industry influencers. When they endorse a product or line of thinking, then that has a profound effect on the people.  This is why you should strive to get testimonials or endorsements from others: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all great platforms for connecting with big names.

Domain of authority 

All of the aforementioned efforts must not lead you away from running your own website. One with a solid domain name is a real treat. A?.me domain offers some great possibilities for combining various extensions with keywords. For example, if the domain “” is already taken, then you can go for “”. Just make sure the name portrays your area of expertise and serves branding purposes. Once your site is up and running, you can proceed to filling it with appropriate content and creating gateways to social media.

People Person Meetings

A people person

Always endeavor to enhance your online persona with new vital elements. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, has launched numerous people into the buzz-packed center of the digital galaxy. This trend points out to the great appeal that video content has in the online community.  So, make a video tutorial, host a lesson, and make an effort to both entertain and educate the viewers. This brings forth benefits for the brand building process and drives more traffic to your blog and website.

A global reach

Enabling yourself to be heard and seen globally, without being actually present, is an incredible thing indeed.  The beauty of it is that people have a sense of getting to know you and are inclined to come to trust you. The only challenge is to tackle high video production costs. It is much easier and less costly to craft a stunning photo or article, so keep the video short and on point. This also implies that videos should be used in synergy with other types of content, not as stand-alone tools.

Traffic lights 

Furthermore, pinpoint authority sites and work on featuring yourself on them. A bulk of businessmen dreams of popping up in places like Entrepreneur, Business Insider or Forbs. Even a single article published there can do wonders for attracting massive traffic.  Just make an impression that you are a specialist, not some Mr. knows it all. Stick to what you know best, and upon gaining credibility it will be much easier to shape your image. There is no better way to gain wide recognition and spread brand awareness in the long term.

Reading a newspaper

The big show

To become an expert in the tumultuous online realm, you need to add real value to the community. Do not try to be a jack of all traits, and figure out what is the area you know by heart. Choose to be the master of one thing, instead of being good at dozens of things. Put your expertise in the form of blog content, and give people a sample of your skills. Connect with other reputable people and assemble an empowering framework that sets the stage for a new expert to enter the big show with flying colors.

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