Bride-To-Be Beauty Tips to Make a Lasting Impression

Being a bride is not that easy. Considering that weddings are one of those occasions that really puts stress in the table. Follow these tips written below so that you can make a lasting impression to everyone on your big day.


  • 1. Map out a Hair Plan

As mentioned above, a hair care plan will help you get the perfect hair for the day you finally say “I do;” so be sure that you and your hairstylist have a discussion on which products you should be using that will allow your hair to truly shine. You may want to start executing this plan several months before your wedding day.

  • 2. Get a Full-Body Scrub

The best solution you can turn to if you want to acquire smooth skin all over your body is to get a body scrub at a spa or salon. You can also choose to invest on a body scrub that you can use while showering if you do not have the time to go to a salon.

  • 3. Get Lash Extensions

Lash extensions that are semi-permanent is another thing you can get in your salon. Having them on would allow you to eliminate putting mascara on your daily makeup routine. You would have to visit your salon every other week to maintain their beauty. You can also opt to get a softer look by applying partial lashes on your natural ones.

  • 4. Do a Hair and Makeup Test Trial

It is actually a good idea for you to schedule a makeup and hair trial three months before the big day. This would let you fine-tune the look you are opting for on your wedding. Try to take as much picture as possible so you learn which angle and lighting will compliment your whole look.

  • 5. Shape Your Brows

Listen to the professionals who are working in your salon about which brow shape will best suit your face. One of the best options you can get on your local salon is threading. It operates with the use of a cotton thread which catches the hairs on your skin. Be sure to schedule your shaping sessions six months before your wedding and have the last one a month before the fated day.

  • 6. Have Your Teeth Whitened

It is a good idea to invest on toothpaste that can whiten your teeth for all the pictures you are going to pose for on your big day. Be sure to pick one that specializes on whitening. You may also want to consider getting white strips if you need extra help with your teeth.

  • 7. Weekly Manicures is the Way to Go

Scheduling weekly manicures will ensure your hands and nails look pretty and primed every time someone asks to see your engagement ring. Take this chance to experiment on different colours of nail polish and get to learn how your manicurist works. After all, you may need his or her help on your wedding day to make your hands look beautiful and elegant.

In Manila, the best conditioner reviews usually include hair regimen treatments that you can follow to have the perfect hair whenever and however you want it. Reading these reviews would surely help you build your own bridal-to-be beauty routine to get you ready for your wedding day.


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