Business Lines – Getting The Most Out Of Them

Have you ever wondered whether your telecom provider is actually good? How do you know which providers are good and which are not? Well, the method is simple. Good providers always offer a discount on line rental as well as having a good relationship with BT. What’s more; the provider should allow for free installation of BT line service and provide SIP Trunks, which can help you enhance your savings significantly.

Phone rental

So how does SIP help?

Well, SIP Trunks actually help you to make many VOIP calls while using only one single internet connection.  VOIP calls are not transmitted like normal calls. So, while VOIP calls are transmitted through the internet, a traditional calling system involves call transfer through cellular lines and towers. This is why VOIP calls are much cheaper than normal calls. In fact, VOIP calling is touted as the next big thing for businesses. The only problem with VOIP calling is that you need to have an internet connection, which even today is not possible in many parts over the world. The problem of net connectivity and the old mindset of many people are two primary reasons why VOIP hasn’t been able to make more of a mark on the world stage till now. With SIP Trunks that use VOIP, you could actually save more and not need to pay the business line rental.

What if you need more than one line?

Businesses expand and with time you need to have more business lines. Here is the thing, good business telephone line providers will not charge much for extra connections and in fact many such providers will actually have special offers for you when you want to get more new lines. Many providers even allow you to pay a certain monthly fee and you can have not only more lines, but also free call minutes as well as a broadband and a router. If lucky, you could even have the facility of having free telephone calls between connections in your premises.

Business phone lines are crucial to any business today. Whether you are looking to lower your expenses or looking to cut down on wasted resources, especially in these testing times, you need to know how to choose the best provider to get the lines you need and also save money.

How to know whether your service provider is good?

Firstly, you need to check that your provider works with all networks. You also need to understand how your provider actually calculates the usage. Ideally, the provider should base its prices on the actual usage. Flexibility is another important thing to be kept in mind.  In many cases it really does not make sense to stick to your original phone plan for years. The reason is simple, the attractive price deal that you took advantage of when initially setting up the business line may not be so attractive a few years later.

Knowledge matters!

Yes, you need to know how things work before talking to service providers. Getting to know a little of the terminology and also some of the concepts can actually help you make more informed decisions.

Tina is a communications consultant based in Stockholm. She writes about fast growing technologies like VoIP and helps companies with deployment of business phone line rental

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