Career Prospects after Pursuing an MBA Degree

A Masters in Business Administration or MBA is an advanced business degree which is highly sought after in today’s world. Pursuing an MBA degree is like earning a ticket for a high managerial position, more marketability and a handsome salary package in a dynamic job market. The following article will discuss about the possible job opportunities after attaining an MBA degree.

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MBA Grooms and Empowers Professionals 

There is unprecedented competition in the job market today. Being able to recognize the consumer, his wants and being able to serve them is the key to survival in business. Therefore it is highly important that the professional hired by companies possesses an eye for detail and a global point of view. This can only be achieved after pursuing management studies from a premier business school. These schools teach management programs that help groom students into well-round personalities who will become successful managers in the future.  The MBA is amongst the most widely accepted post graduate degrees. This professional degree helps professionals set up and operate their own business or take up management roles in the corporate world.

Once you attain the knowledge offered by this management course, you will begin to recognize the threats and opportunities of the ever-changing business environment. There are several realms to explore – new markets, new products, off-shore resourcing, new technologies, mergers and acquisitions – all of these will create new prospects and even uncertainty. MBAs can help the companies take advantage of these prospects and also protect them from the various threats. The MBA degree holders lend a broader perspective to the functional areas of a business.

Post-MBA Work Opportunities

An MBA degree holder can build a career in a variety of fields. The job opportunities after MBA are generated from sub-disciplines like operations management, human resource management, strategic management, organizational communication and international management. MBAs not only receive a strong head start in their careers, they also benefit from respectable work opportunities, lucrative earnings and more career advancement in comparison to non-MBAs. They may work for large corporations but may also offer their expertise to small and mid-size companies or non-profit organizations. Another option is to take on consulting positions or commence entrepreneurship.

The popular job profiles for MBAs include working as an Advertising Executive,   Business Manager, CIO, CEO, Credit Analyst, Corporate Recruiter, Accountant, Sales Manager   or a Corporate Communications Manager. One can also venture into the information technology industry. The following are some fascinating job options for MBAs in the field of IT –

1. Business Analyst: You will serve as the interface between the delivery team and customer. A business analyst is expected to understand business processes and client requirements and note them properly for the developers. You must possess the right knowledge of UML, Rational Rose, RUP, etc. With this experience, you may also try your hand at IT consultancy.

2. Pre-Sales: In this capability, you will be responsible for RFPs, RFIs and preparing client-centric presentations. This position is similar to that of a Business Development Manager.

3. ERP Consultant: You will be required to comprehend business processes of customers and execute packaged ERP software, such as SAP, after making the required customizations.

4. Project Manager: as a project manager, you will have to get involved with a project from stage one. You will have to plan, estimate, resource software, hardware and workforce, and also effectively manage time. Project managers are expected to work on MS Project.

5. HR Manager: Human Resource Managers are responsible for managing the staff, their recruitment, employee retention, appraisals, training and career planning.

6. Quality/Testing Manager: This profile is apt for those who are looking for wish to handle quality and test advocacy and resource planning.

The given profiles are best suited for professionals with an MBA degree and offer great career growth and good pay packages.

Author bio: Devika Arora is an avid writer who compiles relevant facts and analyzes the current state of affairs pertaining to the domain of educational courses and careers. She is presently writing informative articles, news stories and blog posts for leading Indian education site



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