Caring for Planet Earth Every Day

Taking care of the planet has become the calling of many people. Deep down most people want to do what little they can to help in the cause. Adding a recycling program at your business is one way that you can make a direct impact on preserving the environment.

Solid Waste - Caring for Planet Earth Every Day

How Much of a Problem Is Solid Waste?

The World Counts environmental protection group estimates that as much as 2.12 billion tons of solid waste is dumped around the world annually. It is estimated to triple by the year 2100. There are a lot of needless items going to the landfills that could be recycled and reused. Balers are a handy tool to help reduce what is getting thrown out. The more material that can be reclaimed, the less of a negative impact waste has on the earth.

Overflowing Landfills

2.12 billion tons of solid waste reaching landfills around the globe means that there are many nearly overflowing. New areas have to be found to dig, bury and burn waste. The better solution is to reduce the actual amount of items going to these landfills. Using a baler is a significant step in the right direction. It makes separating out recyclable items a worthy cause. Each bale made of recyclable products helps the environment.

Recycling Made Easier

The physical act of separating recyclable items has to be done, but beyond this it makes recycling easier. You can have separate bins for each type of recyclable materials collected where they can be safely stored until you stick them in the baler to compress. The finished bales can be moved to the side and a new bale begun. It is a systematic approach that is simple by design.

Recycle All Sorts of Products

Balers can be used to recycle cardboard, plastic and metals. Each type of product must be baled independently, but the equipment can handle creating bales out of any of these products. These materials can then be picked up by a recycling company and taken in to be added to other recycled materials of similar type. Every bit of reclaimed material reduces the amount of energy and natural resources needed to create similar products from scratch.

Contact waste management and recycling experts like Miltek UK and start a recycling initiative at your business today!

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