Lagging Behind? 4 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Catch Up

Are your business profits waning? Do you need to get your sales team on track to meet monthly or quarterly goals? Here are four motivational tips to help you re-energize your team and give them the support they need to flourish.

Business Profits - Lagging Behind? 4 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Catch Up

Set up a lead coordination plan for employees

Because your sales team is skilled and knowledgeable about your company situation, background, and mission, it is important to use them to your advantage. Use the sales people to bring leads to your accounts team. Then the account managers can convert these leads into sales. Finally, your customer service managers can handle the long-term management of the leads to keep the consumer happy and returning. Read More

4 Key Areas for Manufacturers to Upgrade for Better Business

Manufacturing is a tough industry these days, especially for smaller operations facing competition from massive international companies. However, making improvements in certain parts of your manufacturing business can increase sales, cut costs and help you retain good employees. Read on to learn about four key areas where a few upgrades can make your business both more profitable and more competitive.

Manufacturer - 4 Key Areas for Manufacturers to Upgrade for Better Business

Update Your Equipment Monitoring Systems

Equipment is the backbone of your manufacturing business, and equipment monitoring systems are essential for keeping it in good working order. Investing in upgrades for these systems now can save a lot of money down the road by preventing costly repairs and loss of productivity due to malfunctioning equipment. Updating your equipment monitoring systems can also increase output and improve the quality of your final product. Read More

4 Great Tools for High-skill Industry Recruiters

Recruiters need the proper tools to help them ensure that the potential hires they seek have the right skills for the job. There are several ways a savvy recruiter can use online resources to take some of the guesswork out of the recruiting process for high-level industries. We will show you four of those tools here.

Check Online Forum - 4 Great Tools for High-skill Industry Recruiters

Check Online Forums

Online forums are everywhere these days, and a recruiter can find a forum dedicated to just about any subject or profession out there. These forums can be a great resource for finding potential hires for highly skilled industry jobs. Many professionals visit forums related to their jobs to share information and pick up tips. Recruiters can use them to find candidate’s that might be in the same geographical area. It’s also a great tool to get to know a bit more about particular candidates and decide if they are a good fit. Read More