Best Shopping Cart for eCommerce Business

Most sites are fully integrated with some type of eCommerce business. Online stores provide an easy way for customers to access your products and get what they want right away, as opposed to driving all over town. However, a lot of factors come into play when making your online store successful. For one, you need a professional looking site with detailed product pages, a secure shopping cart, multiple payment options and robust marketing features. The marketing side is what will ultimately drive more business to your site.


However, finding all of that in one online store builder gets tedious. Many businesses have turned to the all-in-one eCommerce solution. You an sell online with 1ShoppingCart and gain a better perspective on how marketing and professional eCommerce works. You gain access to thousands of templates as well as merchandising tools. Read More

How to choose the digital agency perfect for your business

There is so much information available about digital marketing that it can be tempting to tackle your online marketing strategy yourself.  But, if you have even looked into it, you will soon discover the vast arena that is digital marketing and realise the importance of employing professionals to do the job.

Social Media - How to choose the digital agency perfect for your business

For traditional marketing specialists their principles and experience can certainly come in handy but the global net that our digital world casts means that there is a lot more to thriving as a business than there used to be.  A digital agency can provide assurance and security as they key to a successful online marketing strategy is one that doesn’t become obsolete as the digital world changes. Read More

Business Lines – Getting The Most Out Of Them

Have you ever wondered whether your telecom provider is actually good? How do you know which providers are good and which are not? Well, the method is simple. Good providers always offer a discount on line rental as well as having a good relationship with BT. What’s more; the provider should allow for free installation of BT line service and provide SIP Trunks, which can help you enhance your savings significantly.

Phone rental

So how does SIP help?

Well, SIP Trunks actually help you to make many VOIP calls while using only one single internet connection.  VOIP calls are not transmitted like normal calls. So, while VOIP calls are transmitted through the internet, a traditional calling system involves call transfer through cellular lines and towers. This is why VOIP calls are much cheaper than normal calls. In fact, VOIP calling is touted as the next big thing for businesses. The only problem with VOIP calling is that you need to have an internet connection, which even today is not possible in many parts over the world. The problem of net connectivity and the old mindset of many people are two primary reasons why VOIP hasn’t been able to make more of a mark on the world stage till now. With SIP Trunks that use VOIP, you could actually save more and not need to pay the business line rental. Read More