8 Things to Understand about VPNs and their Protocols

A VPN is a virtual private network. You may have heard of the term before. However, it is alien to the common user. A VPN protects your computer’s internet connection by encrypting and changing your IP address, this makes you untraceable and gives you the option to fake your geographical location online. You may be wondering why you need a VPN, you might believe that your data is not useful enough to be protected, but in reality that’s not all, a VPN allows you to access restricted content which also opens countless options to do online streaming.

VPN - 8 Things to Understand about VPNs and their Protocols

Free vs. Paid 

Free VPN offerings usually display ads, have a more limited selection of servers, and the connection speeds are slower because those servers are overcrowded. Hackers, spammers, and other ill-intentioned users commonly abuse free VPN services.  Read More

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What is Log4J2?

The newer and much-anticipated version keeps all the same logging features as Log4J and massively builds upon it with significant improvements to its overall performance and features.

Apache Log4j2 - What is Log4J2?

Logging is important for any software or mobile application and has uses for debugging and audits, amongst other things, so choosing the very best logging library is important. Read More

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Starting a Business – Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting a Business – Here’s What You Need to Know

Many people dream of starting a business, but very few of us actually get there. Of the ones that do, a large percentage end up failing early on. This is usually because the founders are not prepared enough – or have not thought their business idea through. Here’s what you need to know if you are planning to start a business any time soon.

Starting a Business - Starting a Business - Here's What You Need to Know

It’s hard

Let’s start here: it’s hard. Really, really hard. Be prepared to work more hours than is legally recommended, sleep less than you ever have in your life, and take on stress headaches that have you wishing you could stay in bed. If that sounds like enough to put you off, you probably won’t make it. Most entrepreneurs will tell you that the only way you can make something a success is if you are truly passionate about it. The passion and drive to keep going through those tough first years – and yes, it will be years – will be what brings you through to the successful phase. Read More

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