How an App Can Help Grow Your Business

The world of advertising is much different than it used to be. Businesses can keep up with the trends by developing a mobile app to complement their brand. Here are a few ways that an app can help grow your business.

Business App

1. Branding: With a mobile app, your company’s logo and name is always on the customer’s phone screen. When they need a product or service that you offer, it’s practically impossible to forget about your company. Not only does this keep you front and center in the minds of your audience, but it puts you ahead of the competition if other similar companies haven’t developed an app yet. Read More

Expansion of telecommunication industry to emerging economies

Telecommunication industry is at the cusp of a great consumer revolution. The mobile explosion is leading the growth, providing strength and generating new opportunities. The coming future holds a promising future for professionals looking to advance their career in this sector. This is simply because the industry is right now in an expansion mode lead by new technology adoption in emerging economies.


The mobile ecosystem has emerged as the biggest strength of the telecommunication sector in 2013. This trend will stay for some time to come. Mobile equipped with internet accessing capability is not merely a matter of choice, but has emerged as a necessity for the educated homo sapiens of 21st century. Deeply etched in our daily lives, a smart phone sometimes decides the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary, & this is good news for the telecom industry. Read More

What to Do When Your Computer Crashes

There’s not really any adequate words for a major computer crash. A repetitive beeping, followed by a computer that just won’t work is about all the average user gets to know about the situation. It’s a more than scary experience, and it also introduces unenthusiastic computer users to some very difficult concepts, like hard drive recovery.

Keyboard Typing - What to Do When Your Computer Crashes

If you’ve ever had the experience of having ten years work lost as a result of a hard drive crash without an external memory backup, you’ll know what “shock” really means. The problem is that being in a state of shock doesn’t solve anything, and you have to get busy with undoing the damage.
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