How to Follow a Business Casual Dress Code

Business casual is a new buzz phrase that refers to a style of dress that is still considered professional-looking, yet is more relaxed in tone. It is different from the typical three-piece suit and pantsuit attire typically worn in the workplace by men and women, respectively, but it is supposed to still give a businesslike impression.

Business Casual - How to Follow a Business Casual Dress Code

This means that you cannot overemphasize the casual part, such as coming into the office in an oversized sweatshirt and leggings, but you don’t want to place the emphasis on the business side either, strolling in like an overpriced attorney. Here are some things to consider when determining business casual style: Read More

4 Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents in Your Warehouse

Warehouses are rife with activity. People are rushing to and fro in order to make sure that shipments are sent out on time. Because of the stress and hard labor that is involved with a warehouse, accidents can happen. As the supervisor of a warehouse, it’s up to you to ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum. Here are four tips on how to prevent workplace accidents at your warehouse.

Business Workplace - 4 Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents in Your Warehouse


The very first prevention should always be training. Workers are less likely to injure themselves when they’re fully trained. They understand the rules and what they’re supposed to do. Training should be coupled with real consequences for those who don’t follow the regulations. While you may not want to fire someone for an infraction, you can punish them in other ways. This will show how important it is to understand their training and to adhere to the regulations that the company has created. By teaching excellent safety regulations, your workers are less likely to injure themselves. Read More

4 Common Dangers in Office Renovations and How to Avoid Them

Renovating your office can give your business the makeover that it deserves, but a remodel project could also put your employees in danger if the right precautions aren’t taken. Here are four common dangers in office renovations and how to avoid them.

Office Renovating - 4 Common Dangers in Office Renovations and How to Avoid Them


Moisture from water spills and other sources can cause walking surfaces to become slippery, which can be especially dangerous for employees who choose to wear dress shoes that aren’t often as good on slick surfaces. Placing slip-resistant mats throughout your office, hallways and other areas that experience high foot traffic will be to everyone’s advantage. It’s also important to stay on top of cleaning wet messes that can make surfaces slick and dangerous. Read More