An Expert Witness for Financial Litigation

The Mucky World Of Financial Litigation

The law can be confusing. At times, it may even feel like it was made to be confusing on purpose. It takes a dedicated and savvy lawyer to be able to make a sense of all the litigation and find a path through the muck in order to better represent their clients. When it comes to the law and cases featuring bank and financial litigation, the waters can become even murkier. A lawyer may need to call upon a few resources in order to be properly equipped for this form of battle. One of the methods they can utilize is taking in expert witness services.

Perfect Witness Expert - An Expert Witness for Financial Litigation

The Perfect Witness Expert

When an attorney places an expert on the stand, the opposing attorney is going to usually perform one of two things–and sometimes both. They’ll either try to find holes in the story the expert witness is attempting to craft, or they will attack the reputation and credibility of the expert witness. This is just simply a method that attorneys use. Because of this, an attorney has to be assured that the expert witness they’re placing on the stand is not only prepared for these form of attacks but that they can come out of it with their reputation and credibility intact. One such expert witness on financial litigation has proven time and again that he is an excellent candidate to speak about national banking and financial litigation. Michael Richards boasts 34 years of banking experience. His credibility to understanding how a bank functions is questionless. Since July 2017, he’s been a part of 94 cases in 32 different states. Thus, he understands how a court system works, what’s expected of him, and how an opposing attorney will choose to attack him. Read More

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Common Penalties for Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges refer to charges leveled against one individual for crimes against another in a domestic setting. The most common charge is physical abuse, which occurs when one person acts out against another in a physical way. When you hit your partner or spouse and that person calls the police, the police can arrest you on the scene and take you right to jail. You’ll remain in jail until a bail hearing, but you’ll need to return and face the judge at a later date. Find out more about the penalties for domestic violence charges before your day in court.

Domestic violence - Common Penalties for Domestic Violence Charges

Order of Protection

One common thing that a judge can order is an order of protection. This often comes about when your partner claims that he or she does not feel safe living in the same home with you or being around you. The order will state that you cannot return to your former home when that individual is there. It may also limit any contact that you have with that individual. An order of protection can ban you from being with 100 feet of the individual or from contacting that person in any way, including over the phone or on social media.

Jail Time

While you may spend one or more nights in jail as part of your initial arrest, there is a chance that the judge will sentence you to more time. When the judge agrees to time served, it means that you do not need to return to jail and that you completed your sentence with the time you were already there. The judge can decide that you need to spend more time in jail though. The sentence can range from a weekend to a full year or more.

DV Classes

Many judges require that abusers take domestic violence courses, but you can now sign up for a domestic violence online course. This lets you complete your coursework from home or anywhere else where you have an internet connection. Some courses are more basic and just go over domestic violence as a whole. Others teach you how to manage your stress and cope with situations that cause you to act out in a violent manner. When you face the judge in court on a domestic violence charge, the judge may sentence you to jail and/or require that you follow an order of protection and take domestic violence classes.

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6 Essential Tips for Hiring a Good Real Estate Attorney

As you start off your search for a new home, it becomes quite difficult to navigate the maze of legal issues facing new home buyers unless you have a real estate business attorney with you. Searching for a new home begins with hiring a real estate attorney too. Some people might think it’s pointless to hire an attorney for just buying a home. Be that as it may, real estate matters are not that simple.

Judge Hammer - 6 Essential Tips for Hiring a Good Real Estate Attorney

However, regardless of the possibility, that a real estate attorney won’t be helpful, if something goes wrong in buying a home you can’t think how an attorney will help you out. A real estate attorney will always assist you in identifying risk possibilities that you never thought of. A real estate attorney will make sure you have a risk free transaction. Read More

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