Why All the Negativity about Google+?

Facebook and Twitter marketing have become very important in the world of SEO. It is not surprising because Google has included social search features into its (undisclosed) algorithm for some time. Even though Google is refusing to include Facebook (the arch-enemy) into the social search features of Google, Facebook has so many users, in one way or another it, will influence Google search results. Linking social media and social networks, when done skilfully by those in the world of SEO, will have a radical effect on the ranking of your website.

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Google+ has been launched, and there has been a lot of negative publicity in the early days. For anyone in business, and who has a business website, it is a good idea to get involved in Google+ as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the situation, and the reasons why. Read More

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Many people who are still new to the computer consider creating a website to be very difficult. However, this should not be the case though. If you have the right kind of information and a positive attitude to go with it, you may create a simple high ranking website in no time.

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What are some of the objectives for your website? Do you have any type of business that you are thinking of promoting? Or are you doing it for the fun of it? Read More

Keeping yourself up to date with website trends

The Internet is constantly changing, along with the search engines. This is why it is so important for online professionals who have websites and e-commerce platforms to stay informed about the very latest in website trends. From insights into choosing domain names to unique ways to optimise your website, there are endless amounts of useful information out there waiting to be found. But how do you keep yourself in the loop about the www? Check out our tips to find out:

Reading Blog - Keeping yourself up to date with website trends

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It can be hard to find a reputable blog on this topic because there are so many, but once you do it can be a great source of news and advice. Start by looking at the blogs of big companies that offer services such as site optimisation. Then you want to start looking at the blogs written by Internet professionals and journalists. Once you have a good pool of these to look at you are sure to keep ahead of the game no matter what changes come next. Read More