Choosing the Right Topic for Your Blog

Writing a blog is not an easy task. There is no secret formula or recipe for success – but there are so many ways in which you can fail at it. There are many things you can screw up on the way, but there is one way in which you will be destined to failure from the first moment: choosing the wrong topic for your blog.

Writing a blog

These tips will help you make the right choice when it comes to topics to blog about.

Don’t be too diverse

For a blog to have a chance to grow, it has to be a focus. Gone are the days when “Renaissance blogs” – general blogs covering almost every topic – were the recipe for success. Now people want informed opinions and in-depth details about their areas of interest, which can only be assured by a focused, niched publication.

Besides, if you claim to be an expert on everything, it’s most likely that you don’t know enough about anything.

But don’t take on a niche too narrow, either

To have a chance to grow you need audience, too. You can’t expect to speak to an audience of thousands, perhaps millions of readers when you write about the fascinating world of the ligaments in the bees’ knees.

The most profitable niche is not always the right one

I constantly read blogs about a series of topics of interest for me. My RSS reader (feedly, if you’re curious) is filled with articles about business and politics, online slots and other games, movies and TV series, health and fitness – things I enjoy reading about. And I’m very selective when I choose my sources. The publications that are just endless repetitions and rewritings of the news of the niche or the topics of other, more successful publications, I instantly unsubscribe and never return.

When choosing the topic for your blog it’s not the potential for profit that should be the first thing on your mind. Choose something that is among your interests instead, perhaps even something you are passionate about.

To gain authority you need experience

You know why Copyblogger is such a successful blog? Because its authors are established, proven experts in their field. Its founder, Brian Clark, has started the project with over a decade of website building experience under his belt. In the 10 years that have passed ever since Copyblogger has grown from a one-man blog on content marketing into a digital commerce company with hundreds of thousands of customers and tons of useful content to share.

Being passionate about your topic is not enough to build authority in your niche. You also need relevant experience and informed opinions to share.

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