Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London’s Property Market?

Your next home could be an energy-efficient micro-apartment. With the desirability of mobile tiny homes and the fact that the UK already has some of the smallest homes in Europe, this new trend could go some way to solving the housing crisis with smaller, more affordable homes.

City of London - Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London's Property Market?

One thing seems certain – smaller properties and property inventory software will make landlords’ jobs easier in the future. The micro-housing trend has already taken off in San Francisco, which suffers a similar affordable housing problem to London.

Soaring Rents

In both cities, the lack of suitable rental properties has led to soaring rents and anxious tenants. Rents in both cities are already the highest in their countries, but San Francisco is already building apartment complexes filled with micro apartments. The latest units can be built in as little as four days, offering a fast modular solution.

Micro apartments may be small in size, but clever design makes them feel much more spacious than they are. In addition, they promote real community living with gyms and spas on site.

Apartment in London - Could Micro Homes Be the Future of London's Property Market?

Innovative Solutions

Researchers have come up with three distinct categories for micro-living in order to appeal to British buyers and renters: compact living, shared living and co-living. Meanwhile, architects and designers have become fascinated with the challenges of creating smaller, more innovative homes in an urban environment. Two factories in Yorkshire have recently opened to cope with the demand for small and affordable prefab houses that can be built in just 10 days.

London Loans

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already made loans to micro-living entrepreneurs to kick-start the building of small and affordable homes in the capital. Developers keep prices at up to 20% under market retail value using factory production techniques and cheap land deals.

Micro-living pioneers say that most tenants in a flat share are already experiencing micro living. For landlords, micro-apartments offer a real opportunity to streamline their portfolio and use property inventory software like
inventory base to manage their micro-flats seamlessly.

Not all micro-homes follow traditional designs. In recent years developers have also toyed with ideas such as sleeping pods and Lego-style blocks of flats. These small and efficient homes may be just the revolution that the UK housing market needs to solve the urban housing crisis with affordable properties.

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