Different Types Of Reading

Readers have only one thing in common- they love reading! Even if many people hate reading books regularly, they still are readers in some way. We all read simple things like newspapers, emails or Facebook posts almost every day, which makes us readers somehow. But there are different types of reading which we practice without even knowing it. Let’s have a look at these four types of reading:

Reading Book - Different Types Of Reading


When it comes to extensive reading, it means reading a long text for a better understanding of the subject as well as for the pleasure of reading. It can also mean reading business books to improve your knowledge. Even if you do not understand all words, you still are grasping new information and learning new things. Some extensive reading materials are strategy books, novels and magazine articles.  


Intensive reading applies when you are reading a short text to extract precise information. It is synonym of close reading for details. However, during intensive reading, it is important that you understand every word, fact and number. It’s like looking for specific information, but learning new things as well as every detail counts. Examples of intensive reading are contract, insurance claim or bookkeeping report.


Skimming is the term given to the quick gathering of information. Also, known as the gist, it is the moment you just run your eyes on a text, and you only note the important information. This type of reading is mostly done by business persons who speed up on an email to tackle an information. Skimming implies that not every word is important, and only the essential part should be captured. Some other examples of skimming are Newspapers, Magazines and Brochures.


Scanning is when you are reading to find a specific information. It is when you are rolling your eyes over a text, but you are only looking for a piece of information. Used mostly for schedules and meeting plans, this type of reading is done to spot on details you have been looking for. For instance, while scanning, you would not worry about not understanding some words. Scanning is also used when looking for your TV show in the What’s on TV section, Airplane/ Train schedule or conference guide.


Critical reading is a whole new level of reading. It is mostly practiced by literature or studying people. It implies using critical thinking to analyse and evaluate the text. It also demands recognising the purpose of the writing, depicting the author’s tone, looking at the techniques and profiling the characters. Some examples would be Shakespeare’s books such as As you like it and Twelfth Night.

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