Different Types of Signage and their Importance

Signs are very important in our daily life. While walking down the street, finding a location, driving on a road or getting to know about an emerging brand, we always look for a signage to guide us.


Signage refers to a graphics display using signs in order to guide a specific group about something. The signage can be either used for advertising or information sharing, based on the purpose for which they are displayed.

Different Types of Signage

We come across a number of signage every day. Some guide us about the direction on the road, some share information about products and some provide health and safety precautions. Let’s have a look at each of the different types of signage along with their respective importance.

  1. Advertising and Marketing Signage/Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is available in an overwhelming variety. Most commonly used for advertising, these signage are the best way to attract the customers. It is often considered a smart way for businesses or retailers to get noticed by the customers.

These signage are usually available in multiple forms like:

  • Banners
  • Back-lit signs
  • Channel letters
  • Electronic Signs
  • Illuminated Signs

Depending on the need of business, one must carefully decide which one to use. Usually, all these types of outdoor signage are effective in catching the eyes of thousands of customers at a time even from a long distance. Back-lit signs deliver your required message day in day out. Channel letters are 3 dimensional and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Thus, if you wish to outshine and witness the increasing graph of sales, the outdoor signs are really helpful. Though a little more expensive than usual, they surely can be a long-term investment for a bigger profit.

  1. Informational or Directional Signage

How do you identify the right restroom for yourself in a restaurant or a shopping mall?

Yes, of course, it is the sign of male and female over the doors to help you recognize the right restroom.

Informational signage lets you know about the direction and helps you navigate the location. They are usually referred to as way finders. Most commonly used in organizations, malls, departments, etc. to help people know the way to a particular room or path without any hassle.

Such signage inside an office or a business outlet needs to be clearly written and easily visible from some distance. The information or signs on these boards need to be unambiguous in order to guide the customers.

The informational signage is very useful in getting the interior of a departmental store or any outlet look more organized. This makes customers feel comfortable while wandering around and looking for a particular stuff of their need.

Persuasive Signage - Different Types of Signage and their Importance

  1. Persuasive Signage

It is undoubtedly a fact of today that businesses have become more competitive than ever. Now business owners or retailers especially have to put extra efforts to attract the customers.

One such way for customer attraction is using Persuasive Signage that carries a persuasive message that compels the customer to pay a visit to your retail outlet.

Persuasive signage must have an appealing language or attractive images to enhance customer flow and interactivity with products that usually stay unnoticed. Therefore, the convincing message on these signage plays an important role.

This signage helps a lot in making a product a brand or a hidden jewel. It keeps the customer flow increased and communication constant. While the sales graph keeps increasing, these messages are also important in creating brand awareness.

  1. Health and Safety Signage

People need to beware of health and security threats, wherever they go. Health and safety signage plays an important role in informing people about important health and safety messages.

You must have witnessed the sign of Emergency Exit in a shopping mall or maybe your office building. Also, the sign with a message of Warning on a road or Stop indicates about some hazard ahead on the road.

This type of signage keeps the people informed about threats or hazards. This information is essential to ensure the safety of the public in general.


Different types of signage help the people get the most appropriate information of their interest wherever they roam. Be it a matter of enhancing product sales or safety awareness, the signage gives the information in the best possible manner.

All it requires is the understanding of these signs.

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